Fire Extinguisher Recharging

Should I Recharge Or Replace My Fire Extinguisher

Fire is rarely a planned event, so taming it requires a rapid and accurate reaction from you to prevent a disaster. Fire extinguishers…
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Hey Mom, what’s this do? Fire Extinguisher Components and their Function

Most adults know what a fire extinguisher looks like. They’re in every business and commercial residence you enter. Some people even know the…
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Halon Recycling

Recycling Halon 1301 and 1211

When it comes to life-threatening situations we are usually ready to take any measures to evade the crisis. Fire safety is one of…
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CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher

CleanGuard portable fire extinguishers. why are they so alluring? Cleanguard is a line up of portable fire extinguishers manufactured by Ansul. Cleanguard extinguishers…
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