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Fireboy–Xintex Vessel Fire Suppression Systems

Fireboy–Xintex Vessel Fire Suppression Systems Those in need of a new vessel fire suppression system can call on Fireboy-Xintex for their safety needs.…
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Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers If you’ve landed here you must need a fire extinguisher or have a specific desire to learn more about…
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Fire Extinguisher Recharging

Should I Recharge Or Replace My Fire Extinguisher

Fire is rarely a planned event, so taming it requires a rapid and accurate reaction from you to prevent a disaster. Fire extinguishers…
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Hey Mom, what’s this do? Fire Extinguisher Components and their Function

Most adults know what a fire extinguisher looks like. They’re in every business and commercial residence you enter. Some people even know the…
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Halon Recycling

Recycling Halon 1301 and 1211

When it comes to life-threatening situations we are usually ready to take any measures to evade the crisis. Fire safety is one of…
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CleanGuard Fire Extinguisher

CleanGuard portable fire extinguishers. why are they so alluring? Cleanguard is a line up of portable fire extinguishers manufactured by Ansul. Cleanguard extinguishers…
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How Long do Fire Extinguishers Last?

Everyone knows the devastating impact a fire can have on their life. Objects lost, houses destroyed, lives forever changed. But with the right…
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Restaurant Fire Safety Tips From The Pro’s

There are over a million fires a year in the US alone. There is a mind boggingly high number of non-residential fires, and…
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Oval Fire Extinguishers are Changing the Face of Fire Suppression

Everyone is familiar with the classic shape of a fire extinguisher. There’s probably one mounted in your office, or tucked under your sink…
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What Do the Letters and Numbers Mean on Your Fire Extinguisher?

The first line of defense against fire is taking care that one never gets started in the first place. Unfortunately, accidents do happen,…
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