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Red Line Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL Redline Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguishers ANSUL Redline fire extinguishers are the toughest fire extinguisher available on the market. They are designed for extremely…
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Fire Marshal Extinguisher Requirements

When you are building a house you are expecting it to be a long-lasting, well-designed, safe building. To get such a place built,…
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Fire Systems in Food Trucks

Food trucks gained huge popularity across the country slowly imprinting themselves as a part of our culture and cuisine representation. The sound of…
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Do Used Fire Extinguishers Meet Code?

The idea of used fire extinguishers is foreign to a lot of businesses and homeowners. The assumption is that if it’s used, it’s…
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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher: It Might Save Your Life

How Many of the Tools in Your House Are You Comfortable Using? It’s a safe bet you’re pretty good with kitchen appliances, and…
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