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Fire Extinguisher Service - Hernando, Florida

One of the most important ways to protect your store, restaurant, home, or apartment building is to have fire extinguishers.

The laws of Florida, as well as local ordinances, require that there be fire extinguishers in the building. In commercial buildings, you must have a fire extinguisher with 75 feet of every point in the building. Where food is being prepared, it’s every 30 feet.

All Florida Fire Equipment Co is the area’s leading fire suppression specialist. We offer a variety of services to Hernando, Spring Hill, and Brooksville, Florida.

Below see many of our services in and around the Hernando area.

Fire Extinguisher Service

If you’re just opening a new building or retrofitting an old one, you’ll need fire extinguishers. Give us a call at 352-708-5660. We’ll give you a free estimate with guidelines that will meet all legal requirements.

Our team can work with your general contractor and your architect to place the fire extinguishers will as little disruption to the construction as possible.

We can also supply a temporary fire suppression setup for your construction teams to ensure that they're safe while using many pieces of hot and gas driven equipment.

We inspect fire extinguishers in Hernando

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Every year, you’re required to have your fire extinguishers inspected. This is a process that’s simple, but vital to making sure the residents and guests in your building are safe.

A technician will come to your building with a set appointment. You don’t need to be there, but she will need access to all of the fire suppression equipment.

Since this is an annual service, you can even simply have us come out every year and not give it another thought. We’ll inspect your fire extinguishers, send you the certification, and you’re good for another year without having to do anything.

When the technician arrives, he will:

  • Check to make sure that there are enough fire extinguishers
  • Verify that all extinguishers are in their places
  • Visually inspect them to make sure they aren’t damaged
  • Confirm that the extinguisher has pressure
  • Make sure the pin is still in and that it hasn’t been pulled
  • Confirm that the hose is in good shape
  • Attach a tag that says that it’s been inspected
  • Record the visit at our offices so the certification is always available

All of this can be done without any assistance from you. All you need to do is call All Florida and let us in.

We tag and certify fire extinguishers in Hernando

Kitchen Fire System Inspection

Every commercial kitchen must have a complete fire suppression system. It’s designed to go off when there are flames or when the heat reaches a certain temperature.

Many of these systems use chemicals that won’t cause oil and grease to flair up.

Choosing the right system and installing it requires experience and the right licensing.

All Florida will design a system that meets all legal requirements and keeps your investment safe.

Call us at 352-708-5660 for a free quote.

We design, install and maintain kitchen fire systems

Ansul Kitchen Fire System Inspection

Ansul systems are complete and powerful fire suppression extinguisher systems. There are several types, each designed to handle a different type of fire.

Fire requires three ingredients: fuel, oxygen, and heat. An ANSUL system, like other fire extinguishers, either cools the fuel and the fire or it displaces the oxygen. Either way, the fire will go out.

Boat/Yacht Fire Suppression System Inspection

Your investment in a boat or yacht is significant. For most landlubbers, it strikes them as odd that the biggest threat at sea is fire. A fire on a boat can spread in minutes and leave the passengers with nowhere to go.

All Florida of Hernando can install a fire suppression system that will help keep your boat safe. Every boat should have at least one or two decent fire extinguishers.

We can help you decide how advanced the fire suppression system needs to be to protect your boat.

In fact, a good fire suppression system can save you on boat insurance, too.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The number one source of commercial kitchen fires isn’t the stove or the fryers, it’s the hood that causes the problem. As the food is fried, grilled, and baked, grease is sucked up into the hood. Over time, the grease collects in the pipes and filters. Many times, the kitchen staff will clean the filters, but the owners will skimp on hood cleaning. The resulting fire is much more expensive.

A hood fire doesn’t just burn the kitchen. Because the hood is vented out the roof, it will often burn the roof severely. The damage is usually significant and will lead to the closure of the restaurant for months. Many restaurants will never reopen.

When we arrive to clean your hood, we put up plastic to protect the kitchen equipment and food. By the time we’re done, all the grease is out of the hood.

This is the best way to protect the restaurant from a devastating fire. It’s less expensive than you might imagine and less expensive than losing business to fire.

Call us for a free estimate of your hood cleaning.

Hood Cleaning Service in Brooksville

Why Choose All Florida Hernando?

All Florida is a local company that has been here for years. We’ve been keeping Floridians safe from fire for a long time.

  • Reliable - All Florida’s technicians will arrive at your business or home in Hernando, Spring Hill, and Brooksville on time and make sure that everything is working well before we leave.
  • Local - Sometimes, a fly-by-night company will offer to assist you. They come in from out of town, make a quick buck, and leave. They’ll often leave a trail of broken promises and contracts behind them. We live here. You’re our neighbors. We would never give that poor level of customer service.
  • Professional - The team at All Florida is trained in making sure that the fire suppression system you need is the one you get. We know how to maintain and repair any system, no matter who installed it.

Call us at 352-708-5660 or email us at

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