Fire Protection Service Siesta Key


Off the coast of Sarasota, you will find the barrier island known as Siesta Key. Siesta Key was not always inhabited and thanks to a Captain of a boat and his wife, they turned their house into accommodations for the northern tourist in the winter in 1906. Since then, Siesta Key has become a tourist destination hot spot, with gorgeous beaches, wonderful and vibrant restaurants, and an abundance of that Florida vibe we all long for.

With all the tourists, hotels, rentals, restaurants one thing they all have in common that they need and that is Fire Protection. When it comes to fire protection All Florida Fire Equipment is the first company you should think of. Our company has been serving the community of Siesta Key and surrounding cities for the last 20 years bringing together our expertise and quality products. Now not only is our expertise and products available at our store front but we bring our top-rated service and products right to you. Our convenient and knowledgeable mobile teams provide everything necessary for services and repairs to be completed to make sure your needs are met and ready when the unexpected happens.

The services we offer include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection, Service, and Installation
  • Paint Booth Suppression System Inspections, Service, and Installation
  • Marine Fire System Inspection, and Service
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting Repair


Think about the last time you had your fire extinguisher inspected or serviced? Did you know that you should have your fire extinguisher inspected once a year? Since the 1960’s when the vacation homes were starting to move towards rentals and like hotels in Siesta Key much like it is now, you will need an accessible extinguisher for when incidents arise.

When it comes to a fire the first line of defense is going to be your fire extinguisher. Having a thoroughly inspected, and routinely serviced fire extinguisher can make sure that your first of line defense in the case of a fire will be ready.

Every year your fire extinguisher should be inspected. The inspection is to make sure that your fire extinguisher is up to date and any services that are needed are addressed at that time. Routine services are required to keep your fire extinguisher at the peak of performance. These services are outline by the NFPA and have been adopted and followed by All Florida Fire Equipment technicians.


Mrs. Roberts’ the wife of Captain Roberts,’ was known for her cooking and her kitchen on the island over a 100 years ago. When you are living the life of the Florida adventurer, or native who would not want to try to be the gastrotourist as well. With an abundant number of restaurants that flow through Siesta Key these kitchens need to stay on top of their systems.

Automatic kitchen fire suppression systems are intended to control and extinguish fires without human intervention. A well designed and working kitchen fire suppression system can keep a small fire from becoming a big fire, often saving lives and property.

A well designed and maintained kitchen fire suppression system is a critical necessity if you own a bar, restaurant, food truck or food trailer. Fortunately, All Florida Fire Equipment is the recognized expert for designing and maintaining kitchen fire suppression systems that will protect your business.


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) records indicate that the most common cause of fire in spray painting operations is proximity to sparking equipment. These fires start when airborne paint mist is ignited by welders, cutters, grinders, and other similar types of equipment. NFPA Codes and Standards

According to guidelines in NFPA Standard 33, there are many safety requirements for paint booths. There are also a number OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) standards that apply to paint booths. There are also a lot of local ordinances and guidelines for paint booths.

Learning to stay inside all the requirements can be difficult. The hardest part is knowing all the rules from all the diverse sources that you need to follow. The easiest way to make sure that you keep them all in order is to let an expert set up your fire suppression system.


Siesta Key has become the vibrant and growing location it is because of boats. The only way you could get to this island was by boat. Even when the hotel first opened Captain Roberts’

Whether you are just looking to relax or your make your living off the water, fire safety on board your vessel is necessary. Most boating accidents involve an electrical malfunction that results in a fire. However, they can easily be avoided with a properly working fire protection. All Florida Fire Equipment is the company you can rely upon to meet all your marine fire protection needs.

Most manufacturers, including Kidde, Fireboy, and Sea-Fire, suggest that you have your system inspected and weighed at least every six months. However, the Coast Guard only mandates that your vessel suppression system be inspected annually.



Most of us take an emergency lighting system for granted, but we should not. A well-designed emergency lighting system can make the difference between life and death for people trapped in a darken space, particularly under a stressful situation.

Exit and emergency lighting systems are designed by All Florida Fire Equipment to provide illumination during power outages and emergency situations. Exit signs will illuminate the best path to follow to safely exit a building during a power outage or fire emergency.

Various governmental agencies, including local fire marshals have established a comprehensive list of standards that need to be followed to have an emergency lighting system that complies with various codes. It is more complicated that just sticking up a few signs, but fortunately All Florida Fire Equipment knows all the regulations and has you covered.