Plant City Fire Extinguisher Service and Suppression Systems Inspections

Known for being abundant in Strawberries, this agricultural rich town has attracted the attention of many locals and tourists alike. Hosting the annual Florida Strawberry Festival, this growing community deserves the highest quality of fire safety. With the many food vendors attending the festival, having a fire suppression system and extinguishers are essential. Being a family-owned and operated company, All Florida Fire Equipment is there for our neighbors to keep their businesses and employees safe and protected.

Fire Extinguishers

Your first line of defense is your handheld extinguisher. Grabbing a strategically placed extinguisher can prevent a fire from becoming substantial and causing more damage. A must-have for all businesses, All Florida Fire Equipment can provide and service all types of extinguishers. Following The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), our licensed technicians will provide annual inspections as well as mandatory maintenance.

Annual Inspections: It is a state law that an external evaluation of the extinguisher is performed annually. This process is done by inspecting the cylinder for damage, rust, and wear and tear. Make sure the manufacturer labels are legible and intact. Ensure the hose line is clear of debris and the pressure gauge reads at the appropriate level. Once the inspection is complete, a tamper seal will be affixed to ensure this proper state. A certification sticker or tag will be attached showing that your extinguisher has been inspected by a licensed professional.

Recharge: Based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and following NFPA standards, an extinguisher will receive its first maintenance (recharge) when it’s six years old or if it has been used. Along with the standard annual inspection, an internal evaluation will also be done. First, Remove the chemical from within and examine the internal structure of the cylinder for fractures or contaminants. New chemicals will be added, and the cylinder will be repressurized. A maintenance collar and a silver sticker will be attached, stating maintenance has been completed.

Hydrostatic Test: All Florida Fire Equipment is one of the most prominent DOT (Department of Transportation) hydrostatic testing facilities in the Tampa Bay area. When it comes to your extinguisher, a hydrostatic test will be performed once it reaches twelve years, based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. This process is more extensive to ensure the cylinder can withstand the pressure inside. The hydrostatic test will begin if it passes the internal and external visual examination. The cylinder is placed inside a water jacket and pressurized more with water added by a high-pressure pump. Specific measurements are taken then the water returns to normal pressure. Qualified extinguishers will then be refilled and repressurized; The valve and O-ring will be replaced, and the certification stickers will be attached.

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Exit & Emergency Lighting

With every business, proving exit and emergency lighting can save the lives of your employees and customers. In the event of an emergency, the devices will illuminate, providing a path to safety. These lights are to be inspected annually to ensure proper working order. All Florida Fire can monitor your existing lights and well as installing new ones. Our licensed technicians will check the unit’s backup battery, light bulbs, and quality. Replacing the unit if needed and attaching a certification sticker stating it has been inspected.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Designed with your safety in mind, a fire suppression system is designed to extinguish a fire without human interaction. Heat links detect when a kitchen fire has increased to a point where it should be quenched. Crucial to every kitchen, All Florida Fire can install and maintain your system. We use top-of-the-line brands such as PyroChem, Ansul, Amerex, Range Guard, and more.

We made installing a new suppression system hassle-free. Our technicians will go to your location to take measurements when convenient for you. We’ll create and submit the drawings to the City of Plant City to secure a permit and conduct the installation, usually completed in one day. Once finished, we work with your local Fire Marshal to schedule a final test and have your business up and running.

Fire Suppression Systems are inspected semi-annually and maintenanced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. We have the inventory and facility to service a multitude of different systems, no matter the size, make, or model. Certifications tags are attached, and paperwork is provided for your records. If you ever need documentation for an inspector or insurance, our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is there to assist you.

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Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

With all the combustible materials in a paint booth, a fire suppression system is necessary. Tools such as welders, cutters, and grinders could spark fire easily. The flames could quickly grow and engulf your business before help arrived. These systems are designed to operate automatically and snuff out the flame. Restricting oxygen flow to the paint booth, the fire is quickly smothered.

Like any other suppression system, it should be checked semi-annually and maintained according to NFPA Standard 33 and manufacturer guidelines. These protocols are put in place to keep your system functioning properly.

All Florida Fire Equipment

Serving the Plant City community for almost 25 years, All Florida Fire has become a household name in the fire safety industry. Our company can’t be matched with our unbeatable prices and quality of service. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians and office staff make protecting you and your business a delight.