Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

A portable fire extinguisher became an indispensable part of our lives when it comes to fire safety. A proper type of fire extinguisher will make sure that in case of the unfortunate event you will have a handy tool to react to ignition. Besides, the mere presence of one of such fellows hanging in the corner ready for action gives you a boost of confidence in your safety. However, different environments can cause different hazards to fire safety. There are scenarios where a simple portable fire extinguisher won’t have enough power to break a deal. Besides, when it comes to firefighting, the first minutes are the most so a tool of urgent engagement is a must-have during these first minutes.

According to the NFPA Standard for the Organization and Deployment of Fire Suppression Operations, it should take between 4 and 10 minutes for a fire unit to arrive at the scene of an accident. However, the reality is harsher than that, since there are various factors that don’t depend on fire teams such as traffic situation, weather conditions, etc. Yet this time may determine the whole outcome of the accident. That is why wheeled fire extinguishers were invented: to bring more flexibility when it comes to immediate onsight firefighting. Here we will find out what are the wheeled fire extinguishers and how they can help you enhance your safety.

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Specifications

Wheeled fire extinguishers weren’t originally designed for home use. They were made to function in industrial or commercial spaces, such as factories, docks, chemical, or power plants. Besides, such extinguishers are widely used on board of ships or planes and in other places where it would be hard or inconvenient for a fire unit to reach the possible place of ignition. Wheeled fire extinguishers also range by the same classes ABCD and K regarding their specifications. When choosing a wheeled fire extinguisher you should consider the area where a fire could occur in your facility. Therefore, you need to take into account the range of features that determine the specifications of a wheeled fire extinguisher.

  • Effective coverage area. Wheeled extinguishers have different specifications regarding the effective coverage area. These calculations are made and certified by UL LLC and come with the extinguisher’s manual. Generally, an effective coverage area depends on the size of an extinguisher and its discharging time. These parameters may vary from 50 lbs to 350 lbs in weight and from 20 to 320 ft2 in coverage. Discharging time in wheeled fire extinguishers is varying from 20 to 80 seconds.
  • Dispensing range. Yet another essential difference in wheeled fire extinguishers is a dispensing range. It determines from which point you can safely reach the far end of bursting blazes. On average, wheeled fire extinguishers have a higher dispensing range than portable ones, which is between 15 and 40 ft.
  • Size measurements. The size of the wheeled fire extinguisher has to be considered as a part of its specification. Various models have different lengths and diameters of hoses and nozzles. These parameters must align with potential areas of use in order to reach maximum performance and not become an obstacle in case of emergency.

Benefits Of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

The more the better principle is true when it comes to fire safety. Wheeled fire extinguishers –

due to their bigger size – feature a larger volume of extinguishing agent. Eventually, a larger size translates to a larger fire fighting capacity compared to the regular fire extinguishers. When it comes to fire outbreak every second is crucial, even if you won’t be able to completely eliminate ignition you will buy valuable time for a fire unit to reach your location and people around you to get to safety. Even though the wheeled fire extinguishers are bigger than the portable ones, the former is designed to be operated by one person. Besides, being mounted on wheels with long hoses and nozzles, this type of extinguishers features even more ergonomics and mobility than regular portable fire extinguishers. In general, wheeled fire extinguishers grant a significantly safer yet effective position during fire fighting due to their specifications. As a bonus, wheeled extinguishers are convenient to store. The wheeled crate serves as a stand for the extinguisher, hoses, and nozzles that peacefully stand their guard somewhere in the corner, always ready to serve.

How To Use Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

The routine of using wheeled fire extinguishers is very similar to the traditional one. Once you’ve transported the extinguisher on sight of the fire, you should proceed to the following steps:

  • Release the hose from the holding and unfold it;
  • Remove safety pins and open gas cylinder;
  • Take a firm stance and aim to the base of the fire;
  • Slowly open the nozzle bail and start spreading the extinguishing agent with a steady side-to-side movement at the base of the fire.

Remember to stay at least 15ft away from the blaze or even further if your type of extinguisher allows it.

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

General requirements for servicing wheeled fire extinguishers are remaining the same as for any other fire extinguishers. Depending on the extinguishing agent you have to perform a professional check-up. Annual maintenance for dry powder and chemical or wetting agent and 5-6 year for other types of agents is mandatory. Besides, you should occasionally (at least once a year) perform check-ups of carriage to make sure that the wheels are oiled and operate correctly. Additionally, inspect a hose and nozzle to make sure they are properly folded and suffered no structural damage.

A properly chosen and maintained wheeled fire extinguisher will stand its silent guard of your fire safety. Always ready for action, they will protect every soul on industrial or commercial sites, also granting safety to your property.

Where Can I Purchase A Wheeled Fire Extinguisher?

All Florida Fire Equipment provides hundred of businesses wheeled fire extinguishers throughout Florida and has the ability to drop ship wheeled fire extinguishers anywhere in the continental United States. If you have any questions or would like to order a wheeled unit, please call us at 727-525-5950 or email us at Service@AllFloridaFire.com

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher