Fire Extinguisher Service in Seminole Florida


Rich in Native American history, this ever-changing community has grown in recent years. With the grand opening in 2017 of the Seminole City Center, over 30 storefronts gave the new business to the area. Surrounded by beautiful parks, lakes, and the Pinellas Trail, this truly is a wonderful place to live. All Florida Fire Equipment has been serving this community for over twenty-five years. We provide and maintain safety equipment to protect historical and modern locations alike.

Fire Extinguishers

State law requires all businesses to have handheld extinguishers on property. These extinguishers vary in size and type depending on what work is being done. Our licensed technicians follow The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines. We can provide, inspect, and maintain all classes of extinguishers. Using top-of-line brands such as Amerex, Buckeye, PyroChem, and more. NFPA guidelines require extinguishers to be inspected annually and maintenanced every six years.

Annual Inspection: Once a year, we examine the exterior properties of the extinguisher. Check the gauge to make sure the arrow is in the green range. Make sure there is no damage to the cylinder, such as dents, rust, or corrosion. Cleaning and securing the hose, freeing it of any debris. Insert the pull pin and replace the tamper-proof seal. Once completed, a certification tag or sticker is displayed stating it was inspected.

Recharge– Also called its six-year maintenance. This process occurs when the extinguisher reaches six years from the manufacturer’s date or has been used. The internal contents are removed and internally examined along with the external exam. Check for damage or corrosion that could affect the quality of the extinguisher. If it passes inspection, the extinguisher is refilled and pressurized. Affixed with a silver maintenance sticker and certification tag stating it was maintenanced.

Hydrostatic Test– Also known as its twelve-year maintenance. This test is conducted once your extinguisher reaches twelve years from the manufacturer’s date. Following the same exterior and interior exam protocol, a qualified extinguisher will be hydrotested. Submerged in water and pressurized to a degree, we test the stability of the cylinder. Qualified extinguishers will then be refilled, pressurized, and ready for use.

While these maintenances sound time-consuming, our customers do not have to wait and be without protection. When your extinguisher is due, we’ll swap it for the same make and model that has already been serviced. When it comes time to replace an extinguisher, All Florida Fire always has the stock to get you the needed product. Since we’re one of the largest DOT (Department of Transportation) hydrostatic testing facilities in the Tampa Bay area, we can also hydro-test your paintball and scuba tanks!

Co2 Refill

Planning a party or event and need your extinguisher check? While you’re here, you can also have your beverage Co2 cylinder filled. We use food-grade Co2 to fill a multitude of sized bottles. Perfect for kegerators, soda systems, and even pool filtration systems.

We can swap out your tank or fill your tank. Bring your co2 cylinder by our shop!

Exit & Emergency Lighting

It’s essential to have functioning exit and emergency lighting in your facility. In the event of an emergency or power outage, they will illuminate the way to safety. We will install, inspect, and replace your unit as needed. Annually a technician will check the backup battery, light bulbs, and the overall condition of the unit. Attaching a certification sticker verifying maintenance was performed.

Kitchen Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are designed to automatically put out fires before they become uncontrollable. Using NFPA standards, we install and regularly inspect systems. We make installing a new system hassle-free, starting with a free estimate. System drawings are created and submitted to the City of Seminole to secure a permit, and installation will begin. Once completed, we’ll schedule with the Fire Marshall to conduct a final test and have you up and running.

Systems are inspected semi-annually and maintained per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Documentation is provided for your records and insurance purposes. Carrying top-rated brands such as Ansul, Amerex, PyroChem, Protex, and more to keep your employees and property protected.

Kitchen Hood System Florida

Marine Suppression Systems

Being out on the water presents challenges and potential dangers. You do not want a fire on a vessel while out at sea. Having a marine suppression system and handheld extinguishers on board can save lives. Manufacturer guidelines suggest that your system be inspected semi-annually. At the same time, the Coast Guard mandates that your system be inspected annually. Using SeaFire and FireBoy products, our marine technicians will keep your system updated and working in tip-top shape.

Why Choose All Florida Fire Equipment?

This family-owned and operated company has been setting the standard for fire safety equipment for over twenty-five years. We are conveniently located in Pinellas County to serve the Seminole community. With the best prices in town and the highest quality of service, you’ll be glad you decided to be a part of our business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you with all your safety needs.