Fire Protection Service Punta Gorda

Fire Protection Service in Punta Gorda

Picture this: Your gas cooker goes up in flames, you are panicky, and there is no sprinkler installed in your kitchen. The fire starts spreading to your cabinets in the kitchen. You are terrified and it messes with your sense of coordination. You keep scampering around the house looking for your fire extinguisher. After what seemed like an eternity, and some major damage has been done to your properties, Alas! You find the fire extinguisher. You try to apply the fire extinguisher over the fire and it doesn’t just work. Reality kicks in, your pupils get dilated, your head gets woozy and you become absolutely clueless.

Terrible situation to be in, right? However, this has been the reality of many.

Not many people follow due diligence in ensuring their fire extinguishers are in perfect condition always. It only dawns on them when these unfortunate incidents happen.

Taking preventive measures to ensure your fire extinguisher is always in top condition cannot be overemphasized and this is why All Florida Fire is in business.

For over two decades now, we have been committed to providing fire extinguisher maintenance solutions for residents in Punta Gorda.

So far, we have been doing a fine job at it and have become the finest extinguisher maintenance service in Punta Gorda.

Why you should patronize us in Punta Gorda:

The following reasons give you an idea of why All Florida Fire should be your one-stop fire extinguisher maintenance service:

  • Ease of operation

We are very particular about ensuring your fire extinguisher gets the proper inspection and servicing needed without you lifting a finger. We understand how tiresome it can be to convey your fire extinguisher(s) to our outlets. Hence, we make it easy by coming to you. Our mobile fire extinguisher service vans are always on standby to come to pick you up wherever you are in Punta Gorda. Your satisfaction is our end game. So, if you can’t come to our outlets to drop your fire extinguisher off, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

  • Professionalism

As you may not be privy to, there are set standards by the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) that guides the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers. The most recent edition is the NPFA 10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers. We have put measures in place to ensure that all our maintenance personnel is certified to perform NPFA 10. Armed with this information, you can rest assured your fire extinguisher is in good hands.

  • Experience

Experience cannot be traded for anything. We have been in the business of providing fire extinguisher inspection and servicing solutions in Punta Gorda for over two decades. We are still standing stronger by the day. So far, we have handled diverse fire extinguisher problems making us capable to fix your fire extinguisher regardless of the fault. You can always bank on us to deliver top service that will leave us your go-to inspection service.

  • Reputation

Because we have been in this business for such a long time, we have so far built a very solid reputation. Our business has proven to have stood the test of time and as such could be trusted to always deliver. So, you can rest assured you are in reliable hands.

  • Customer Service

This may seem like the last thing to be bothered about but it is one thing most of our clients have been vocal about. We understand how important it is to approach our customers with such a good-natured attitude that leaves us confident we would deliver. We are not just about fixing the damage. We have a team of staff that are very patient to talk to and aim to please. Our technicians are concerned about fixing your fire extinguisher and leaving a wide smile on your face while at it.

Essential Services for Punta Gorda

Our range of services applies to homes, businesses, and boats in Punta Gorda. Regardless of the category, you fall under, we are fully equipped to be of help.

Here is a list of services we render to Punta Gorda residents:

Punta Gorda Fire Extinguisher Service (Inspection, Recharge, and Certification)

For every fire emergency that you will have to deal with in your home or business, your fire extinguisher is one tool that comes in handy. As such, this tool must always be in the top condition to perform in the face of an emergency. This is where All Florida Fire comes into play. We have a team of top professionals that are certified in NPFA 10 to perform proper routine inspection and servicing for your fire extinguisher.

ABC Fire Extinguisher Near MeFire Extinguisher Recharge in Punta Gorda

A full recharge of your fire extinguisher after use is a top priority. To ensure your fire extinguisher is well recharged, we follow the steps below:

  • We drain out and depressurize the fire extinguisher
  • We perform a thorough cleaning on the fire extinguisher from the inside to the outside
  • We proof check for damaged parts
  • We refill the extinguisher with dry chemicals by the weight specifications of the fire extinguisher
  • We put everything back in order and do a leak test to ensure it continues to hold pressure.

Fire Suppression Systems in Punta Gorda

Any business or professional kitchen without a fire suppression system installed is a disaster waiting to happen. A fire suppression system is important to prevent, control, and quell fire before it transforms into a full-blown outbreak. Our seasoned professionals are certified to install a broad range of suppression systems like Ansul, Seafire, and Fireboy to guarantee the safety of your restaurant, paint booth, fuel island, vessel, boat or yacht.

Marine Fire System-Inspection

Marine Fire Suppression System Inspection and Installation


We aim to ensure that a vast majority of homes and businesses in Punta Gorda are well secured against fire.


You too can take adequate measures to guarantee your safety. Simply reach out to us via to get started.