Class K Fire Extinguisher

  • March 22, 2017
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A Class K fire is a cooking fire involving combustion from liquids used in food preparation. Grease, cooking oils, vegetable fat, and animal fat are all potential fuel sources for a Class K fire. Extinguishing a Class K fire requires the use of a specialized Class K fire extinguisher.

All Florida Fire Equipment works with a number of customers in the foodservice and restaurant industry located throughout the greater Tampa area. The types of fires that occur in the food industry have the potential for causing rapid destruction of property as well as posing a significant risk to workers and customers of your business.

The fire codes and insurance regulations governing the food industry and restaurants are complicated and subject to frequent onsite inspections by your local fire marshal. Our engineers will do a complete evaluation of your business and come up with a recommended plan to cover all your fire protection needs for your food business.

At All Florida Fire Equipment, our only business is the protection of your business, home or boat from fire. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1999, and it’s what we’ll be doing in 2039. We offer a quality service at a fair price, and we are proud to stand behind what we sell and service.

A key component of food service and restaurant fire protection are Class K fire extinguishers, which uses a blend of Potassium Acetate and Potassium Citra, which are particularly effective agents for fighting fires involving combustible cooking fluids like grease.

Oftentimes, the fire marshal will require you to have an ABC fire extinguisher alongside your Class K fire extinguisher in order to meet the minimum 2a rating that NFPA 10 has established. Fortunately, All Florida Fire Equipment sells and services just about every type of portable extinguisher there is, and we can cover all your fire protection needs from making the best purchase decision to providing the all the required service and maintenance schedule you need to stay in compliance with local fire codes.

If you are anywhere in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Largo, Sarasota, or Bradenton areas, we are just a phone call or email away. Call us at 727-525-5950, or email us at If you prefer, fill out our easy Contact Us form, and we’ll reach out to you.



    • Avatar for siteadminRobin Burdick
    • April 4, 2019

    How much is it to purchase a class K fire extiguisher

      • Avatar for siteadminsiteadmin
      • August 9, 2019

      I new one is $200.00 at the moment. Right now we also have refurbished ones for $130.00.


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