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All Florida Fire is the top fire suppression service provider in Florida. Our roots in the communities we serve, especially here in Brandon. No matter what your fire safety needs are, All Florida Fire is he place to call to ensure the safety of your business and your home. Brandon is a great community, and providing our services are more than just a business to us! We’ve been serving you in the Brandon community for over 25 years now, and if that’s not a sign of quality service…what is?

Our Services offered in Brandon, FL

Brandon Fire Extinguisher Services

When prevention fails, the fire extinguisher prevails. Your fire extinguisher is the first line of defense, and if it’s working properly it can stop a small fire from becoming a big fire. Florida Fire Codes requires a full inspection and recharge every 6 years, Florida Fire Code also requires that you have your fire extinguisher inspected on an annual basis in Brandon. The annual inspections are not the same as the full 6 year servicing, but it will alert you to any issues before you need it.

All Florida Fire is a DOT certified hydrostatic testing facility. We Inspect, service, and recharge fire extinguishers in every corner of the Brandon community. Give us a call to schedule your fire extinguisher inspection, and one of our mobile fire extinguisher service vans will come out to get your business up to code.

The mobile fire extinguisher service van is a service All Fire Florida offers to our Brandon customers, instead of coming to us, we’ll come to you and service your extinguishers right then and there. This saves you crucial time, and keeps the extinguisher where it can do the most good.

Fire Extinguisher Service Brandon

We tag and certify fire extinguishers in Brandon

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag Brandon

We inspect fire extinguishers in Brandon

Fire Suppression Systems in Brandon

Fire suppression Systems are designed to prevent, control, and extinguish fires without the direct intervention of humans. A thoughtfully installed fire suppression system can prevent a small fire from becoming a big one, and make any potential damage done negligible. Especially for professional Brandon kitchens or vehicle paint booths, one of our Fire Suppression Systems is an absolute must.

Supported Systems:

  • Ansul R-102 UL-300 Restaurant Fire Suppression System (Ansul Fire System)
  • Amerex Hood Fire Suppression Systems (KP,ZD,IS)
  • Buckeye Kitchen Mister UL300 Hood Fire System
  • Kidde WHDR UL300 Kitchen Hood Suppression System
  • Range Guard Commercial Fire Suppression System
  • Guardian Residential Fire Suppression System
  • Pem All Fire Suppression System
  • Protex Fire Suppression Systems
  • PyroChem Suppression Systems (PCL)
  • Fireboy (marine engine room system)
  • Seafire (boat fire system)
Kitche Fire Suppression System Brandon

We design, install and maintain kitchen fire systems in Brandon


Brandon Emergency Lighting Plans

In the event of an emergency, getting everyone safely out of your Brandon business is going to be the first thing on your mind. So it is not something to be taken lightly beforehand. All Florida Fire can help you maintain your Emergency and Exit lighting plan to provide good illumination and mark clear pathways towards the nearest exit.

Once it’s installed, we help you keep up to date with the inspection schedule set by the Brandon Fire Marshall. Our inspection team will test batteries, charges, and bulbs to make sure they’re all in working order. Depending on the needs of your Brandon business we can set up an ongoing program where we keep track of all your required inspections and maintenance needs. That way, you can rely on All Florida Fire Equipment to make sure that your system is fully maintained before you run into any regulatory problem.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Brandon

We service, install and inspect Emergency lighting in Brandon

All Florida Fire has been serving the Brandon Community for over 25 years, providing the highest quality of fire prevention services to our customers and neighbors. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your Brandon business, boat, and home!