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The wind at your hair, the water lapping at your back – who wouldn’t want to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico? Most people move here to be closer to the beach or to catch fish and spend the day aboard their boats. I know I enjoy a balmy day with my friends on the water.

Whether you are just looking to relax or your make your living off the water, fire safety on board your vessel is a must. Most boating accidents involve an electrical malfunction that results in a fire. However, they can easily be avoided with a properly working fire protection. All Florida Fire Equipment is the company you can rely upon to meet all your marine fire protection needs.

We all know that any sort of fire on the water is a bad thing. No one believes that a fire will occur on their boat. Not only can it ruin your boat or business, but more importantly a shipboard fire can cost lives. Whether you need a complete marine fire suppression system for your boat or need your fire extinguishers checked and recharged, All Florida Fire Equipment is the place that people in the greater Tampa area turn to for fast and reliable service.

If you have an engine room, you need a fixed fire system in order to avoid a serious sea-worthy situation.

How often should your marine fire system be inspected?

The majority of manufacturers, including Kidde, Fireboy, and Sea-Fire, suggest that you have your system inspected and weighed at least every six months. However, the Coast Guard only mandates that your vessel suppression system be inspected annually.

What brands of vessel fire systems can All Florida Fire inspect?

Engineered Sea-Fire Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Engineered Fireboy Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Kidde Marine Fire Suppression Systems (Even 1301!)

Engineered Foreign Vessel Fire Suppression Systems

Pre-Engineered Foreign Boat Fire Suppression Systems

Halon Fire Suppression Systems

1301 Fire Suppression Systems

Co2 Fire Suppression Systems

And other major brands.

Does my yacht fire suppression system have to be replaced or hydrostatically tested every 12 years?

Some do, some don't. 6061-T6 aluminum cylinders require hydrostatic testing every 12 years. However, most cylinders can remain in service indefinitely as long as they pass a 5-year visual examination performed by a service technician with possession of a requalification identification number (RIN) per 49 CFR 180.209(g). If any cylinder is discharged and is over 12 years old it must be subjected to hydrostatic testing or be replaced.

How do I know what vessel fire protection system I need?

Size matters! Marine fire systems work by either displacing oxygen or removing oxygen. Before our technicians can create an estimate and install a system for you, we need to know the cubic footage of the engine compartment. Measuring the length, width, and height of the engine compartment allows the technician to determine the size of the system your vessel will need. Other factors the technician uses are - what needs to shut down upon fire system activation (engines, blowers, generators, etc.), if you need a manual pull station, and if your boat runs on gasoline or diesel. Once we gather all the pertinent information, we will give you pricing options from our different suppliers.

Sea Fire Yacht Fire Suppression System

What gases are used in marine fire suppression systems?

FM-200 - heptafluoropropane

Halon 1301 - bromotrifluoromethane

Halon 1211 - bromochlorodifluoromethane

HFC-227 - heptafluoropropane

Novec 1230 - heptafluoroisopropyl pentafluoroethyl ketone

C02 – carbon dioxide

When will my engine room fire suppression system go off?

If the system is in working order, it will activate when the temperature of the engine room reaches 175° or the remote pull station is pulled.

Marine Fire System Inspection Brandon

Vessel Fire Suppression System Inspection and Installation

We are located in the heart of St. Petersburg and our mobile service fleet will provide you with the best in dockside service at your convenience.  Whether you need a full engine room fire suppression system or need us to check and mount your fire extinguishers, we’ve got you covered.

Our technicians have all passed a stringent training program and are current with the latest requirements for maintaining and servicing fire suppression systems. Our service technicians maintain current Florida Fire Marshall Permits and carry TWIC credentials to permit them access to port and government-regulated facilities. We are licensed to issue you a Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection (COI) upon the completion of our inspection and service.

In addition, our technicians are experienced fixed marine systems. They have experience installing, maintenancing, inspecting, and repairing marine systems. Our technicians are also skilled in client education. This means, not only will they properly service your marine fire system; they will also help you understand how the system work and your role in using and maintaining the system.

Our hydrostatic service center is an approved DOT testing facility, and we can apply hydrostatic testing to any type of fire suppression system and equipment.

More than 90% of all new boats come with an automatic fire suppression system, but unfortunately, a high number of boat and ship owners fail to have their systems inspected and serviced annually. Most fire suppression systems will be only used once in their lifetime, but if you have a fire, there is no room for error by having a system that doesn’t work. Maintaining your fire system properly provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re protected while on the water.

Vessel Fire System Florida

At the end of the day, we can't provide you with the fire protection system that you, your family, and your employees need and deserve unless you give us a call.

All Florida Fire Equipment is centrally located in St. Petersburg, and we service, maintain, certify and inspect vessels and fire safety equipment systems up and down the gulf coast. All Florida Fire Equipment has been doing business since 1999, and our outstanding reputation in the sea-faring community makes us the first choice of boat owners in our community.

If you or your vessel reside in the Tampa Bay area (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Largo, Sarasota, or Bradenton), we are just a phone call or email away. Call us at 727-525-5950, or email us at, or fill out our easy “Contact Us” form and we’ll reach out to you.


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