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Palmetto Fire Suppression Systems

In the 1800s, yachtsmen and shippers discovered the mile-wide Manatee River and the fertile ground surrounding it, making Palmetto abundant in fruit and vegetable production. Having the best of both worlds, land and water, young families found Palmetto to be the ideal location for building a community. Fast forward to today; this bustling area is home to many businesses great for tourism. Continuously growing and expanding, fire safety is more important than ever.

All Florida Fire Equipment has been providing fire protection for this community since 1999. Servicing your new and existing equipment with the highest quality to detail. Our licensed technicians follow The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which sets the standards for protocols and procedures regarding fire safety equipment. Maitenancing extinguishers, exit and emergency lighting, fire suppression systems, and onboard marine systems, All Florida Fire has you covered.

Fire Extinguishers

As you know, a fire extinguisher is an integral piece of equipment that should be in your home, boat, and business establishment. According to the State of Florida law, commercial fire extinguishers have to be certified annually by a licensed company and undergo maintenance at six-year intervals. Carrying all the top brands such as PyroChem, Amerex, Buckeye, and more, our technicians can perform the required maintenance with ease. Annually, the extinguisher will be externally inspected. Checking the cylinder for rust or defects; Ensuring the gauge is at the correct pressure; Checking the manufacturer date to perform maintenance; and attaching a new tamper seal. Once that is completed, a certificate sticker or hanging tag will be attached stating the service that was done.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge: If you use your extinguisher or if it’s six years old, a recharge will be performed. Along with the external inspection, an interior one will be done. Removing the chemicals from inside and examining the internal structure of the cylinder; Making sure the hose line is clean and clear of debris; The extinguisher is refilled and repressurized. The pull pin will be replaced, and a tamper seal secured to maintain this proper state.

Fire Extinguisher Hydro Test: The twelve-year maintenance will include a hydro test with the standard external and internal exams performed. Submerging the cylinder in water at a pressurized and specific test level, we check that the cylinder can withstand the pressure within.

Fire Extinguisher Inspector Bradenton

We have technicians in Paletto to inspect your fire extinguishers

Exit and Emergency Lighting

While at your location, our technician will inspect your extinguishers and your exit and emergency lighting. Testing each light to ensure they are in working order. Going hand in hand with your extinguisher, these lighting devices are crucial to the safety of you and others. In the event of an emergency, these lighted devices will guide you to safety. Checking the backup battery works, in case of power loss, and bulbs have not burnt out, this inspection is done annually.

Fire Suppression System Inspection and Installation

A fire suppression system can help control a fire outbreak in your kitchen. An automatic fire suppression system is essential for a fine dining restaurant, food truck and trailer, bars, and even paint booths. Keeping a small fire from becoming a large fire, these well-designed systems are life-saving.

Our company can inspect and install your new suppression system quickly and efficiently. A licensed system tech will first go to your business to measure your hood range. We will recreate a drawing that fits your needs and submit it to the City of Palmetto to secure a permit. Once that is done, we can do the installation, which is typically done in one day. We’ll schedule the fire marshal to come out for the final test, and you will be ready to open your business.

Suppression systems are inspected semiannually, and maintenance is done in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. We carry all the top brands such as Ansul, PyroChem, Range Guard, Protext, and more. Keeping products and materials in stock, you never have to wait long to have your system updated. We have flexible hours, working around your schedule, with mornings, overnight, and weekend times available.

Fire Suppression System

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Marine Fire Systems

With Palmetto founded yachters and shippers, the marine lifestyle is still a big part of this community today. We can take care of any onboard marine system, whether it’s a personal yacht, fishing charter, or rental company. Using brands such as SeaFire and FireBoy, we can install and service your system.

We travel to your location, either to a marina or home, and complete the service right on the spot. Having the correct fire safety equipment on a vessel is required when you’re out on open waters. It could save your life!

Why Choose All Florida Fire Equipment

Regardless of what type of fire protection you need, All Florida Fire Equipment is the best choice. You couldn’t find a better company with our top-notch service, experience, and prices. Using modern technology with old-fashioned values, you won’t just feel like another customer; you’ll know your family.