Class D Fire Extinguisher

Every fire needs the same things -- a fuel source, oxygen and heat. Together, these three factors are known as a “fire triangle.” But not every fire is created equal, and to extinguish them correctly, you need the right hardware. When it comes to flammable metals, there’s one particular tool you’re absolutely going to need, and that’s a Class D fire extinguisher. Of all the types of flammable material, metal is among the most dangerous. Not all metals can ignite, but those that do will produce intense heat and flames that spread rapidly. While less common than Class A or B fires, Class D can often pose far more danger.

What Causes a Class D Fire?

Certain types of metals are extremely flammable. These include (but are not limited to) potassium, magnesium, calcium, titanium, sodium, lithium and uranium. Most often encountered in manufacturing and laboratories, it’s unusual for large pieces of the metal to catch fire. Instead, small shavings caused by machining can spark and ignite, spreading quickly. Unlike a fire fueled by traditional materials, spraying water on a Class D fire can actually intensify the energy of the fire, causing it to grow hotter and faster. That’s why having an appropriate fire extinguisher on hand is so important.
Class D Fire

Features of a Class D Fire Extinguisher

Unlike other forms of extinguisher, Class Ds use a dry powder spray to quell flammable metal-based fires. While not as effective as other extinguishers on conventional fires, they’re the perfect solution when combatting a Class D blaze. The powder in these extinguishers is designed to separate the oxygen from the fuel elements of the fire and create a heat sink to attack multiple angles of the fire triangle, offering a holistic answer to a potentially dangerous blaze.
If you work in an industry where flammable metals are common, it’s imperative that you have a Class D fire extinguisher on hand to deal with any metal-based fire that might occur. Don’t hesitate -- contact us today to learn more about how All Florida Fire can equip you with the fire suppression technology you need.