Purple K Fire Extinguisher

  • March 22, 2017
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Fires come in all types, and All Florida Fire Equipment has a solution for every type of fire. No matter what hazards you need to protect against in your business we’ve got you covered with products to meet specialized needs.

At All Florida Fire Equipment, our only business is the protection of your business, home or boat from fire. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1999, and it’s what we’ll be doing in 2039. We offer a quality service at a fair price, and we are proud to stand behind what we sell and service.

Purple-K fire extinguishers contain specially fluidized and siliconized potassium bicarbonate dry chemical, which is particularly effective on Class B flammable liquids and pressurized gasses. It is electrically non-conductive and thus is effective in energized electrical equipment fires.

Purple-K, also known as PKP, is a dry-chemical fire suppression agent used in dry chemical fire extinguishers

Purple-K is a trademarked name for potassium bicarbonate. Potassium bicarbonate is formed by recrystallizing the product of a potassium carbonate and carbon dioxide chemical reaction. The letter “K” on the periodic table of elements represents potassium, and it is potassium bicarbonate which is the chemical used to make Purple-K. Potassium bicarbonate is colorless; thus, the manufacturers add a violet pigment to allow for discernment between other dry chemicals. That explains how Purple-K got its name.

Potassium bicarbonate comes in three grades: USP grade; for food and drug applications, ACS grade; for chemical production, and Technical grade; for technical applications. The technical grade is the required grade for use in manufacturing Purple-K. What makes technical grade unique is that it has magnesium oxide additives. The magnesium additives act as moisture absorbent to allow free-flow of the chemical, ideal for Purple-K extinguishing agent.

Purple-K is the most effective dry chemical extinguishing agent for liquid fuel and gaseous fuel (Class B) fires. In addition to being extremely effective for Class B applications, Purple-K extinguishers also carry a Class C rating.

The Purple-K fire extinguisher covers virtually every flammable liquid, gas, and grease hazard you can imagine. Purple-K has a C rating that allows for safe use in the event of a fire involving or in close proximity to, energized electrical equipment. The attributes of the Purple-K agent allow for the protection a wide range of Class B and Class C hazards.

All Florida Fire Equipment offers Purple-K products in a variety of sizes. Our experts will help you determine the capacity best suited to your specific needs.

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