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About All Florida Fire Equipment

For over 20 years, All Florida Fire Equipment has been serving the business owners and residents of Dunedin, Florida. Our professional and experienced staff makes sure that your location and all of its equipment is up-to-date and up to code. 

From annual inspections to recharges to new construction, we can take care of anything related to fire protection. Most importantly, before even fire protection equipment, we deliver customer service. 

Call us at 727-525-5950 to schedule a free estimate or to schedule your annual inspection.

Fire Related Construction Needs

If you’re building a new commercial building, a new restaurant, an apartment building, or a new home, you need to make sure that you put fire suppression in your plans. There are specific laws governing most commercial construction. While residential construction is largely exempt, it’s still a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in the home. 

Commercial buildings often require exit signs, sprinkler systems, fire alarm and pull boxes, and fire extinguishers. The team at All Florida Fire can do the installation from start to finish. We work with your architect and general contractor to provide you with the products you need. 

Fire Extinguisher Service

Every year, commercial fire extinguishers need to be inspected and charged, if necessary. The best part of this service is that you can schedule with All Florida and we can make sure that it gets done on time and in accordance with the law.

We offer an automatic annual service as well. Schedule your annual inspection and we’ll dispatch a technician without any need for you to call us. We’ll come out, inspect your fire protection equipment, effect any repairs needed, and send you a certificate. All certificates are also maintained at our offices so that you don’t have to worry about losing them.

After you call to schedule an inspection:

  • Your technician will come out to your property in Dunedin.
  • They will check that all extinguishers are in place.
  • They look to see that access isn’t blocked and that the extinguisher isn’t missing.
  • They check for vandalism and other manmade problems.
  • The hose is checked for wear and dry rot.
  • The gauge is checked to verify that it hasn’t been discharged.
  • An inspection tag is hung on the extinguisher.

You receive a certificate, but we also keep a copy of the certificate in our offices, in case there’s a question.

The local fire marshal may require that you have the certification at the time of your fire inspection. 

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag

Fire Protection for Boats and Yachts

Many Dunedin residents spend time on the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While they’re enjoying the sun and water, they might not give any thought to fire at sea, but it’s important to protect against.

Fire at sea is deadly. Once a boat or yacht catches on fire, there’s nowhere for the occupants to go.

The team at All Florida can make sure that there are a sufficient number of fire extinguishers on board, properly secured so they don’t fly around in rough seas. Even if you have a small fishing boat, it needs a fire extinguisher. Yacht owners should have their extinguishers checked every year. It’s a tragedy to lose a multi-million dollar investment to fire, and much worse when a life is lost.


Fire Protection for Restaurants

Restaurants, for obvious reasons, have special fire protection needs. Legally they’re required to have a fire extinguisher every thirty feet. They are also required to have a hood fire extinguisher system.

Kitchen Fire System Inspection

You need to have your fire system inspected at least once a year. Without that certification, you might face fines and even closure.

Our technicians can stop by and make sure that your fire suppression system is fully operational and up to code. An inspection takes just minutes, but it can save you hundreds, even thousands in fines.

Ansul Fire Extinguisher System

Ansul is the world’s largest restaurant fire suppression company. Their equipment protects thousands of restaurants from fire every day. 

They offer a variety of systems that use different fire suppressing chemicals based on the needs of the business.

Hood Fire Extinguisher system 

Other brand than Ansul are also available. Our experts can provide you with different options based on your needs, your budget and your legal obligations.

Kitchen Fire System Ansul Pyro Chem

Why Choose All Florida Fire Equipment?

In the Dunedin area, there is no company more experienced or more committed to making sure that Floridians are safe from the threat of fire. We offer extraordinary customer service and prices that can’t be beat. 

  • Reliable - Our technicians arrive on time and do exactly what you need every time.
  • Local - Over 20 years in the area, we’re not a fly-by-night company arriving to make money and leave. We’re your neighbors and we want you to be safe.
  • Professional - We arrive, keep your building clean, and make sure that we’ve done everything we’ve committed to.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All Florida guarantees that you’ll love the service you received. Our team is committed to making sure that every interaction is professional and courteous. If you have an immediate need, give us a call. We’re in Dunedin all the time and we can stop by and make sure you’re taken care of.

Call us for a free estimate at 727-525-5950. We’ll be happy to stop by your office, business, home, or even your yacht and provide you with the sound advice you need to keep your guests, employees, and family safe from fire.