Fire Protection Service Port Charlotte

Fire Protection Service in Port Charlotte

Are you looking out for a fire extinguisher inspection service in Port Charlotte?

Is your fire suppression system in your yacht dysfunctional?

Are you looking for a reliable fire extinguisher service in Port Charlotte to restore your kitchen fire system back to life?

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Common fire extinguisher problems faced in Port Charlotte

In our experience in servicing fire extinguishers in Port Charlotte, here are some of the problems we have had to battle:

  • Leaks

In most cases, leaks go for months without being detected, especially when the owner doesn’t practice routine inspection. These leaks from the cylinder could be a consequence of rust or worn out o-rings or valves.

  • Pressure loss

If the pressure in a fire extinguisher isn’t right, there is no way it can put out a fire. A large part of a fire extinguisher’s functionality is reliant on the pressure level. More often than not, harsh environmental factors have been linked to the pressure loss faced with some fire extinguishers.

  • Poor recharge

In most cases where a fire extinguisher is seen to be dysfunctional, this is one of the reasons that’s usually pointed at. In simple terms, when a fire extinguisher isn’t properly charged, it affects its operation.

Fire Extinguisher Service offered to Port Charlotte

After detailing some of the problems associated with fire extinguishers, it is only thoughtful to let you in on the ways we can help restore your fire system to prime function.


To ensure that your fire extinguisher is in top form, a routine inspection yearly is mandated by law. To appropriately inspect your fire extinguisher, it needs to be handled by professionals and this is where we come on. The following are measures we take when we come for fire extinguisher inspection:

  • Assess the nozzle for damage or clogging
  • Ensure there is easy access to the fire extinguisher. We have seen cases where people hide their extinguishers behind a lot of things making them hard to access when needed.
  • Ensure that there are enough fire extinguishers required for that space.
  • Make sure that the distance guidelines are met.
  • Ensure that the pin hasn’t been tampered with
  • Ensure that the fire extinguisher hasn’t been manhandled and that everything is in place.
  • Check the pressure gauge to make sure it is at the right level and that the fire extinguisher hasn’t been discharged
  • Finally, place a tag on it to show that the fire extinguisher has passed inspection and is ready for use.

Our inspection is not only limited to fire extinguisher inspections. We also cover kitchen fire system inspection and boat/yacht fire suppression system inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection TagRecharge

As we have already stated, a fire extinguisher that’s not fully recharged cannot function optionally. One of the reasons is because the pressure level must have dropped as a result of that discharge making the extinguisher fall short. So long as you have used your fire extinguisher at least once, it is advisable to recharge it to prepare it for use again. We have a team of professionals that are seasoned enough to help recharge your fire extinguisher back to life.


Maintenance is not something that is done monthly or even for years and it is different from inspection. For most cases, especially for stored pressure extinguishers, maintenance is advised once in 6 years. Once the proper maintenance has been done to your fire extinguisher it can get its annual certification. Our team of professionals is seasoned enough to bring your fire extinguisher back to life.

Professional Kitchen Fire System Installation

The essence of having a foolproof fire suppression system in your restaurant, bar, food truck or even boat cannot be over emphasized. These fire systems are usually the first line of action in the event of a fire. At All Florida Fire, there are a chain of fire suppression systems we install. These systems include protex fire suppression systems, Range guard commercial fire protection systems, Amerex hood fire suppression systems Ansul R-102 UL-300 restaurant fire suppression systems, and a lot more.

Fire Suppression System RiverviewEmergency Lighting Repair and Installation

Many people do not see the need of installing Emergency lighting until they are faced with a fire scare. A properly-designed emergency lighting system can be such a lifesaver when stuck in a dark place in an unfortunate incident. In the event of power outages which mostly happen during fire outbreaks, the emergency lighting system designed by All Florida Fire will help illuminate your steps to safety.

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