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Fire Extinguisher Service - Largo, FL

That red fire extinguisher hanging on the wall is the first line of defense against fire for your crew, your family, and anyone else who might be in the space.

Every fire extinguisher needs to be inspected and tested. All Florida Fire Equipment Co. will make repairs and recharge your extinguishers, if necessary.

Never trust your family’s safety or your employees’ or guests’ to just anyone. Choose a local company that has been helping keep Floridians safe for over 20 years - All Florida Fire Equipment Co.

How does fire extinguisher service work?

For you, as a homeowner or business owner, there’s not much more than making a phone call to All Florida Fire Equipment Co. Our technicians will come out to your place and take care of everything. There’s very little input needed from your or your family or staff.

Once the tech arrives, they’ll look for all of the fire extinguishers. Each extinguisher is inspected visually for damage, vandalism, etc. They’re looking to make sure the pin is in place and that the pressure gauge indicates that the extinguisher is still full.

There should be an extinguisher within 75 feet of every point in the building, within 30 feet of cooking equipment.

The view to the extinguisher can’t be blocked and there must be easy unobstructed access.

They will check to make sure that you have the right type of extinguisher for your location: water, AFFF, foam, carbon dioxide (CO2), ABC powder, water mist, or wet chemical.

Once the extinguisher has been fully inspected, it will get a hang tag showing that it’s met standards, you get a full report, and a report is filled in our offices for your insurance or legal purposes.

Stored Pressure Extinguishers

“Stored pressure extinguishers” have become common in Florida. These are excellent extinguishers that work well, but they need consistent maintenance. Every 6 years, they need to have the internal parts maintained and sometimes replaced. These extinguishers need a hydrostatic test from a qualified technician, such as the team at All Florida Fire Equipment Co..

Fire Extinguishers and the Law (NFPA 10)

Nearly every city, country, and municipality requires fire extinguishers in Florida.

  • Inspection - Everything needs to be inspected annually. There are significant fines for not having the inspections done. Those fines and citations can lead to a business being shut down and the owner being liable for a great deal of money.
  • Lawsuits - Though rare, an uninspected fire extinguisher can lead to civil legal issues. If an occupant reaches for a fire extinguisher and it doesn’t work because it wasn’t inspected, the owner could potentially be on the hook for millions in damages, both real and punitive.
  • Insurance - Every business insurance plan and many homeowners’ plans require that there be extinguishers throughout the building and that they are inspected on a regular basis. A fire extinguisher that doesn’t work in the event of a fire that then subsequently got out of hand could lead to a reason for non-payment by the insurance company. That’s why All Florida Fire Equipment Co. keeps records of all of our inspections. God forbid your records are destroyed by fire, we have them.
  • Safety - The number one reason to have fire extinguishers in your office, factory, shop, or home is safety. Next to a smoke detector, a fire extinguisher is the single most important tool for safety you can own. Properly installed and maintained fire extinguishers are vital to keeping everyone you care about safe.

Fire Extinguisher Service Near Me

This question to Google, “fire extinguisher service near me,” will often get you answers that aren’t really “near you.” A national chain that has an office in Florida is not really local. A company that has been in the area for a few months is not trustworthy.

All Florida Fire Equipment Co. has been in Florida for over 20 years. Our offices near Largo, FL, are run by neighbors of yours, people who are dedicated to keeping the community safe from fire and injury.

Too often, there are temporary operations that show up to take a business’s money, but they aren’t there a year later. The national chains aren’t as interested in your area as they are making a profit.

The team at All Florida Fire Equipment Co. are your neighbors. We are local- and family-owned and we’ve been here for over 20 years. We’ll be here if you need us for anything.

Setting up annual service

Make your fire suppression system inspections run on autopilot. Schedule with All Florida Fire Equipment Co. to simply come out once a year to inspect extinguishers and other fire suppression equipment. You won’t need to track it and we’ll send you a report each year.

Do I need more frequent inspections?

Some locations need inspections more often. Places that have a lot of hot equipment, dust, or open flame, might need their extinguisher and suppression equipment inspected more often. We often will come out to such a location monthly, clean off the equipment, and make sure that access is maintained.

Fire extinguishers save lives and property: Each year thousands of lives and billions in property damage are saved by someone having a fire extinguisher at hand. Importantly, the extinguisher was in working order!

New Fire Suppression Installation

More than simply a maintenance company, All Florida Fire Equipment Co. can install new fire suppression equipment for you, regardless of what level your needs are. From a restaurant hood to a complete factory to a shopping center, we have the experience and the team that can complete the install for you, on-time and on-budget.

Let All Florida Fire Equipment Co. help keep your people safe!

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