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Home and business safety starts with getting your fire extinguishers inspected, tested, and refilled, if necessary.

A fire extinguisher is your first line of defense against fire. Whether it’s for fire protection in your office, fire extinguishers in your apartment buildings, or as safety equipment in a hotel or conference space, a fire extinguisher has to work the first time every time.

Don’t trust your staff’s and guests’ safety to just anyone. Choose All Florida Fire Equipment Co., your locally-owned and operated fire safety company.

About Fire Extinguisher Service in Clearwater

All Florida Fire Equipment Co. is only local solution to fire protection. We’ve been protecting Floridians for over 20 years.

Our technicians will:

  • Verify that there is a fire extinguisher within 75 feet of every point in the building
  • Make sure that there’s an extinguisher within 30 feet of cooking equipment
  • Ensure that the extinguisher is easily visible and not blocked
  • Make sure that the right type of extinguisher is in your business: Water, AFFF foam, Carbon dioxide (CO2), ABC powder, water mist, or wet chemical.
  • Check the pressure to make certain that the extinguisher is fully charged.
  • Make sure the hose is intact, the pin is in, and the tamper seal is unbroken.
  • Look for signs of use, wear, damage, or any modifications

We’re a family-owned and operated business and we’re your neighbors. We trust our family’s lives to the extinguishers and equipment we install, maintain, and inspect, so you can too.

Complete Fire Safety Services - Clearwater

All Florida Fire Equipment Co. offers complete fire safety services from new installation to updates and repairs.

  • Fire suppression equipment installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection
  • Fire extinguisher inspections and repair, including refills
  • Walk-in Co2 refills and fire extinguisher inspections.
  • Fire extinguisher cabinet installation
  • Emergency light installation, repair, and inspection

“Fire extinguisher inspection service near me”

When you ask Google to help you find a fire extinguisher inspection company near you, you might end up with people who have no idea what they’re doing.

There are a lot of “fly by night” companies that get into the fire suppression business. They figure it’s easy; they can do the installation and be done.

We take our job seriously. Lives depend on whether our installations are 100% perfect. There’s no room for error if a fire breaks out.

Let All Florida Fire Equipment Co. do your fire suppression equipment installs, maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

“Over 30% of all portable fire extinguishers are not in excellent working condition!”

What you need to know about fire extinguisher inspections?

It often seems like a simple thing and doing the inspection doesn’t take long, but not getting it done an annual basis can be VERY expensive.

  1. Legally required -  In most municipalities and counties, all fire suppression equipment, especially fire extinguishers, need to be inspected and certified every year. If you don’t, you’re subject to fines. If the fines build up and nothing is done, the fire marshal can shut down your business or close your apartment building leasing office.
  2. Insurance requirements - All commercial insurance includes a provision for fire suppression equipment. If those requirements, including inspections, are not met, it can void your insurance policy. If you've had a fire and a fire extinguisher didn’t work, the insurance company will check to see if you had it inspected. If you didn’t, your entire insurance payout might be forfeit.
  3. Be safe - If you own a business, whether it’s just a few people or a vast arena, a retail store or an apartment building, there are lives at stake based on your decisions regarding your fire suppression equipment. No one needs the burden of guilt that goes along with cutting corners that sacrifices lives. Plus, the lives you endanger might be people you love!

Every year, billions of dollars in property damage and tens of thousands of lives are saved because someone was able to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher before it spread.

Levels of Fire Service from All Florida Fire Equipment Co.

We offer multiple levels of service based on the needs and regulations of your business and your area.

Monthly inspections - In areas with a lot of dust, traffic, or high fire risk, you should consider having an All Florida Fire Equipment Co. inspection every month. Our technicians will come out and inspect extinguishers, hoses, and all other fire equipment, clean it off, and ensure that it’s ready in case it’s needed.

Annual maintenance - Nearly every city, county, and the state requires annual inspections of fire equipment in any public space. All Florida Fire Equipment Co. can come out to your location, do the inspection, switch out any equipment that’s been used or damaged, and tag the rest of it ready and safe. Of course, we maintain records at our offices in case local authorities or your insurance company need verification. This is an important part of being a responsible building owner; the safety of everyone in the building, and the value of your assets, rely on this simple, but vital, service each year.

Hydrostatic testing and internal maintenance - Stored pressure extinguishers are increasingly common. They are safe and reliable, but they do require internal maintenance every 6 years. The Clearwater technicians from All Florida Fire Equipment Co. will come out, do the necessary testing, and repair your extinguishers as needed.

Assistance with your needs - All extinguishers require update and maintenance based on their age. The experts at All Florida Fire Equipment Co. can tell you exactly when any of your equipment needs to be tested, maintained, or replaced.

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Fire safety is our commitment at All Florida Fire Equipment Co., but it’s every building owner’s, building maintenance person’s, and building manager’s responsibility.

With a single call, we can bring you local, family-owned service that will ensure that everyone in your buildings are safe, that you’re compliant with the law, and that you have peace of mind.

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