Fire Extinguisher and Fire System Service in Tarpon Springs

Along the Shores of the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find what has been dubbed the “sponge capital of the world.” When they discovered the naturally occurring sponge beds, Tarpon Springs caught the attention of Greek divers. This Greek American town has caught tourists’ attention, making it a must-see destination. With art, restaurants, and boating activities to try, having the correct fire safety equipment is essential. All Florida Fire Equipment has been serving this community for the past 23 years, dedicated to protecting this historic town.

Marine Fire Suppression Systems

A big boating community and a way of life, marine fire suppression systems are a must-have. A suppression system can protect your boat and everyone aboard, whether you have a sponge boat or a charter company. They are designed to extinguish a fire without human intervention. All Florida Fire Equipment can install a new system or service an existing one. Using top-of-the-line brands such as Sea Fire and Fire Boy, our licensed technicians can service all types of makes and models.

Manufacturer guidelines suggest that your system be inspected semi-annually, while the Coast Guard mandates that your system be inspected annually. Our technicians will go out to you for all inspections and maintenance. We make the whole process quick and easy, and at a great price too.

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Fire Extinguishers

Your first line of defense is a portable fire extinguisher. Strategically placed so that in the event of an emergency, anyone can take it off the wall and put the fire out. The mandatory rating for all businesses is a 2A:10BC (5lb ABC). All Florida Fire always has these in stock and available to the public. The technician will work around your schedule to bring these to you and have them adequately mounted for use. Depending on what type of business you own, we’ll select the correct type and size to pass inspections and protect your property. Following The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), our licensed technicians will provide annual inspections and mandatory maintenance.

Annual Inspections: It is a state law that an external inspection of the extinguisher is performed annually. This process is done by inspecting the cylinder for damage, rust, and wear and tear. Ensure the hose line is clear of debris and the pressure gauge reads at the appropriate level. Once complete, a tamper seal will be affixed to ensure this proper state. A certification sticker or tag will be attached showing that your extinguisher has been inspected by a licensed professional.

Recharge: Based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and following NFPA standards, an extinguisher will receive its first maintenance (recharge) when it’s six years old or if it has been used. Along with the standard annual inspection, an internal evaluation will also be done. Remove the chemical from within and examine the inside of the cylinder for fractures or contaminants. New chemicals will be added, and the cylinder will be repressurized. A maintenance collar and a silver sticker will be attached, stating maintenance has been completed.

Hydrostatic Test: Being one of the most prominent DOT (Department of Transportation) hydrostatic testing facilities in the Tampa Bay area. When it comes to your extinguisher, a hydrostatic test will be performed when it’s twelve years old, based on the manufacturer date. This process is more extensive to ensure the cylinder can withstand the pressure inside. The hydrostatic test will begin if it passes the internal and external visual examination. The cylinder is placed inside a water jacket and pressurized more with water added by a high-pressure pump. Specific measurements are taken then the water returns to normal pressure. Qualified extinguishers will then be refilled and repressurized; The valve and O-ring will be replaced, and the certification stickers will be attached.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Illuminating the path to safety, these lights need to be in good working order. We can install new units and service existing ones. The technician will check the backup battery, light bulbs, and quality of the light. All lights are inspected annually, and a certification stick is attached once completed.

Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression systems are not only used on boats but also in kitchens, food trucks and trailers, bars, and paint booths. Detecting when a fire has grown too large, it automatically sets off the system to snuff out the flames. According to NFPA guidelines, a suppression system should be inspected semi-annually and maintenanced following manufacturer guidelines.

All Florida Fire can install and service any system using industry-leading brands such as PyroChem, Amerex, Range Guard, and Buckeye. Having the knowledge and experience that others don’t mean your system will always be in working order. We even make installing a new system a breeze. We’ll go out to your business to take measurements for the drawings. We submit them to the City of Tarpon Springs to secure a permit and do the installation within one day. Once your system is in, we schedule the local Fire Marshal to come for the final inspection. You’ll be up and running in no time.

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This family-owned and operated company has been leading the standard for fire safety for almost 25 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is there to assist you. Connecting you with the right technician to complete any job, big or small. With our unbeatable prices and quality of work, you’ll be glad you chose All Florida Fire.