Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

What are they?

Much like they sound, water mist fire extinguishers are water-type fire extinguishers. They use pressurized water in the form of a mist to extinguisher a fire. These extinguishers use specially distilled or deionized water. Ions are atoms or molecules with a positive or negative electrical charge. Deionizing the water removes the electrical charge. This diversifies the uses of water mist fire extinguishers. These extinguishers are rated for Class A and Class C fires usage. Class A fires are ordinary materials, such as paper, trash, or wood. Class C fires are electrical fires. The fine mist of deionized water will not conduct electricity as other water-type extinguishers would.

How do they work?

Much like other water-type fire extinguishers, water mist fire extinguishers have a tamper seal and pull-pin that must be removed before usage. They also have a hose. Unlike other types of extinguishers, there is a special distribution nozzle to create a fine mist. When used properly, water mist extinguishers cool the air and reduce the oxygen levels near the fire. This extinguishes the fire.

Where would you find these types of extinguishers?

These types of extinguishers could be used in regular households or businesses, near pools, or surprisingly in areas with sensitive electronics. Because they use a fine water mist, they cause less damage than a dry chemical, stored-pressure ABC fire extinguisher. Although a person could use a Halon extinguisher near sensitive electronics, Halon is a dangerous material, and incredibly expensive compared to the price of distilled water.

You may see them near pools, because of their chemical components, water. Many establishments use ABC fire extinguishers. These are multipurpose, dry chemical extinguishers that are able to be used on regular combustible materials (Class A), flammable or combustible liquids such greases or oils (Class B), and electrical fires (Class C). However, they are dangerous near pools! Most pools are chlorinated. ABC fire extinguishers primarily use Monoammonium phosphate. If an ABC extinguisher is discharged near a pool or pool chemicals the ammonia and chlorine combine to form a toxic gas. They could even explode!

Other chemicals that may react poorly with ABC extinguishers are bleach, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide. If you work with these substances or have large quantities at home, you will want to use a water-type fire extinguisher, such as a water mist extinguisher.

Another place you will see water mist fire extinguishers is near antiques, artwork, or near businesses that work with easily damaged materials. A water mist extinguisher would not soak the antiques, in the way a water-type stored-pressure extinguisher would. They would also not create a powdery mess, in the way an all-purpose, dry-chemical extinguisher would. This makes them just right for specialty shops, museums, or libraries.

How do you know if you need a water mist fire extinguisher?

In most places, you would likely not have a water mist extinguisher. However, if you have easily damaged electronics, antiques, or materials, water mist extinguishers are a must. If you are still not sure if your business or home needs this type of fire extinguisher, call the experts at All Florida Fire. We can help determine your fire hazards and fire extinguisher needs. We sell new and refurbished water mist extinguishers at affordable prices. All Florida Fire’s extinguisher technicians also inspect, recharge, and hydrostatically test water mist fire extinguishers.

Water Mist ExtinguisherBenefits of Water Mist Fire Extinguishers:


Safe for the environment

Do not conduct electricity

Expel water slowly (will not flood the area)

Safe to use near pools or oxidizers

Can use near sensitive electronic equipment

Detriments of Water Mist Fire Extinguishers:

Take up a lot of space


Not for use near Class B, Class D, or Class K fire hazards

Expel extinguishing agent slowly

Not readily available in stores

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