Food Truck Fire System

Florida Food Truck Fire System

The majority of Mobile Food Trucks are equipped with a kitchen or a stove for food preparation. Such spaces with an open fire provide a hazard of spontaneous fire ignition which can put your employees’ lives and your property in danger. According to the Florida Fire Prevention And Control Regulations, the majority of food trucks and trailers are obliged to be equipped with mobile food truck fire suppression systems. Besides, a proper fire suppression system will help you create a safe work environment for your staff and ensure that in case of an unfortunate event the property damage will be minimal.

Basically, Food Truck Fire Systems look similar to regular kitchen fires suppression systems. They consist of a set of tubes and nozzles, detection sensors, fuel shut-off, extinguishing agent reservoir, and controlling pannels. Modern fire systems detect the temperature increase. Once the dangerous condition is noticed, the system cuts off the fuel and starts spreading extinguishing agent over the kitchen work areas. Generally, the design of the food truck fire suppression system depends on the brand, however, there are some shared features. For example, most of them feature nozzles located over the cooking area or have common extinguishing agents that are very similar to K class fire extinguishers.

All Florida Fire Equipment Presents Ready Solutions For Food Truck Fire Suppression Systems For Your Business

Fire suppression systems are as essential to your food truck as an oven, a cash dispenser or your delicious recipes. In order to ease your struggle finding a perfect system for your business, All Florida Fire Equipment offers a ready solution. We provide services on the selection, installation, and adjustment of different types of fire suppression systems. Our company works with famous and reliable brands. All Florida Fire Equipment specialists will consult you and help you find a custom solution based on your preferences and needs.

All Florida Fire Equipment Provides Service Maintenance Of Food Truck Fire Systems

Our company takes care of inspecting, maintenance, repair, installation and refilling of both new and used Fire Suppression systems for food trucks. Regarding the wet chemical nature of extinguishing agents in fire suppression systems, NFPA recommends performing hydrostatic test every 12 years. However, the whole mechanism consists not only of the extinguishing agent but there are also numerous parts that require more detailed and frequent check-ups. It’s especially relevant if you own a used fire suppression system. The essential parts of fire systems are always hidden from the naked eye. It’s done with an intention to save space and to not interrupt the workflow of the extinguisher. Such things as tubes, nozzles, and detectors are often situated inside the exhaustion or other covered objects. Therefore, it also means that without a professional look it won’t be easy to detect any defects, yet problems with one of such links in the chain could dramatically compromise the effectiveness of the whole system. When it comes to the safety of your employees’ work environment and protecting your property, it is crucial to always be alert. Thus, it is important to perform professional check-ups of the whole system at least once a year. Don’t forget that investing in maintenance is just as important for the success of your enterprise as buying fresh produce or fuel for your truck.

Our experts provide services for Mobile Food Truck Fire Suppression systems across all major cities of Tampa Bay including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Largo, Pinellas Park, Brandon, and Sarasota.

Food Truck Ansul Fire Systems

The flagman on the modern market is the Ansul Fire System. This fire system boasts outstanding quality and reliability that made it the top choice for entrepreneurs across the world. Modern kitchens in mobile food trucks tend to have more complex cooking stoves and surfaces. In addition, a great variety of different oils and fats in present-day recipes make potential fires extra dangerous and complicated. Therefore, Ansul food truck fire suppression systems provide an agile design to deliver custom solutions regarding the client’s needs. A wet chemical-based suppression system complete with original detectors are installed inside exhaust plenum to react automatically to the growing levels of heat. This allows the system to rapidly prevent ignition by discharging agent from nozzles. At the same time, Automan® regulated release mechanism seals off the gas fuel. Such a swift action of sharp as clockwork mechanisms allows Ansul fire systems to operate around the clock without any human intrusion standing its guard over the safety of your employees and property.

Order Food Truck Suppression System at All Florida Fire Equipment

With years of experience under our belts, at All Florida Fire Equipment, we know that fire service isn’t a laughing matter. We will gladly answer all your questions regarding the fire systems and guide you from an idea of making your space safe to ensuring this safety with proper equipment. Contact us today to find out more about the fire suppression system installation cost for food trucks.

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