Fogmaker Fire Suppression System

The Fogmaker North America Engine Fire Suppression System

An engine fire isn’t something you hope for, but it should be something you plan for. As vehicles are designed to perform harder, they also are performing hotter, meaning engine fire risks are growing all the time.

When the worst happens, you don’t want to waste any time figuring out how to put out the fire. That’s where the Fogmaker North America engine fire suppression system comes in. It is self-contained, self-sustained and designed to keep you, your vehicle and your possessions safe in the event of a fire.

It works fast, it works effectively, and it’s specifically designed to be non-toxic and non harmful for the environment. It’s your comprehensive fire suppression system specifically designed for commercial vehicles. Here’s what you need to know:

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How the Fogmaker System Works

It’s common knowledge that fire requires three elements to burn. Oxygen, a source of fuel, and heat or ignition. While disrupting anyone of these can effectively stop an engine fire, Fogmaker aims to attack multiple elements to ensure effective suppression of the blaze.

Fogmaker works by opting for a simple, robust solution to protect you and your vehicle. It detects fire not through electronic means (which can be prone to inaccuracy and failure) but with pressurized tubes which rupture under the very specific conditions of an engine fire, releasing the suppressant.

In addition to its automatic release, the Fogmaker system includes a manual release option for drivers who realize there’s a problem and want to act as fast as possible. This gives confidence and acts as an effective failsafe for any situation.

The suppressant (or fog, as the name would imply) is a mixture of pure water and an environmentally friendly anti-fire fluid which are atomized under pressure to completely engulf the engine. This full coverage fog means there’s nowhere that fire can escape, and your engine is experiences the benefit of full protection.

After the Fire Cleanup and Environmental Considerations

Once the fire has been properly extinguished, your major concern will of course be cleanup. Luckily, the Fogmaker system isn’t only designed to do the hard work of suppressing fire, it’s made to ensure there is minimal hard work for you after the fact.

Because Fogmaker uses a water-based system without harmful chemicals, absolutely no HAZMAT precautions are required, and corrosive chemicals that could damage your engine long-term are absent.

And, of course, as important as protecting your engine is, protecting the environment is of course a concern as well. Fogmaker and the fluid it uses to suppress fires is completely non-toxic and thus safe for both the environment and for you if you ever have to clean it up.

What Vehicles is Fogmaker For?

While Fogmaker’s small profile makes it suitable for any vehicle, it is specifically designed to be used with commercial vehicles, which are traditionally at a higher risk of fire. Examples include:

School Busses: Obviously, for vehicles that transport children, preventing fire and allowing the safe exit of all occupants is of paramount importance. Fogmaker is the perfect suppression system for school busses to increase the safety of children. And with its easy to read monitor and early warning detection system, it gives the driver ample time to organize an orderly exit from the bus in the event of an emergency.

Transit Busses: In a crowded city bus, a fire outbreak can spell disaster. Drivers of transit busses often have to deal with busy, noisy conditions and may not have the ability to monitor the sensors for any discrepancy. With Fogmaker, they don’t have to as it will automatically deploy without electrical input if its sensors are triggered with the appropriate information indicating a fire has started.

Paratransit: As with school and conventional transit busses, operators of paratransit are often busy and focused on the task at hand. Putting out a fire is generally well out of their purview. With Fogmaker, the safety of occupants is handled automatically, and gives the driver and passengers ample time to evacuate the bus, even if mobility issues are a concern for disabled riders.

Heavy Machinery: In the cramped, hot, and vibration-prone interior of heavy machinery, an accidental release of a fire suppression system is a real concern for the operators. But for the same reason, it’s all the more important to have one installed because the risk of fire is far greater. Luckily, Fogmaker’s extreme sensor accuracy prevents accidental discharge while keeping heavy machine operators safe from harm.

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