Pasco Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire protection is vital – in your business, your home, and your investment properties. The best way to protect your real estate from fire is to have a professional fire protection company ensure that all the right elements are in place.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

The law in Florida, and most of the nation requires that fire extinguishers be inspected every year. This is important to ensure that the most fundamental fire suppression device – a fire extinguisher – is where it belongs and is fully functional when someone needs it.

Fire Extinguisher and the Law

The law states that there needs to be a fire extinguisher within 75 feet of every point in a commercial building and 30 feet in areas where food is being prepared. These will typically be installed at construction unless a building is being retrofitted.

The team at All Florida Fire Equipment can advise on new construction or renovation as to where to place the extinguishers to meet legal requirements. We can also work with your general contractor to complete the installation.

What happens during a fire extinguisher inspection?

Most of the time, it’s not necessary for anyone to walk with the inspector. They can simply get into the building and handle everything for you.

There are a number of things that are looked at during fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance:

  • Ensure that the path to the extinguisher isn’t blocked and that it’s clearly marked.
  • Look for damage or cracks in the hose.
  • Make sure the pin isn’t pulled or that the handle has been damaged.
  • Look for vandalism and tampering.
  • Make sure that the extinguisher is still fully charged.
  • If it needs to be recharged, it can be done right on-site.
  • We can also deliver new fire extinguishers for devices that are non-functional.

Most fire extinguishers require very little maintenance, but stored pressure devices need to be maintained every six years. The internal parts need to be replaced to guarantee that they will work when needed.

Kitchen Fire System Inspection

In the Port Richey area, as well as the rest of the state, kitchen fire systems must be inspected annually as well. Without a good kitchen fire system you can lose your entire business in a matter of minutes, not to mention the potential loss of life.

We can come in and inspect your system, even your Ansul Kitchen Fire System, to make sure that all the sensors and valves are fully functional and that the system is ready to go in case of a fire.

Ansul Kitchen Fire System Inspection

Ansul brand makes a huge variety of fire suppression systems, each with its own unique characteristics. The team at All Florida can make sure that these powerful fire suppression system are ready to go every day and that you meet all legal requirements.

We also know that these systems are not inexpensive. We work to make sure that yours stays in great working order for years.

Boat/Yacht Fire Suppression

Whether you have a fire suppression system on your boat or yacht or you need one, the team at All Florida Fire Equipment can help.

Nothing is more terrifying than fire at sea. Often, it will not only destroy the boat but also the lifeboats, dinghy, and more, leaving passengers stranded in open waters.

A fire suppression system inspection will let you know that the system you have is in good working condition and that it’s adequate to work on the entire vessel.

In the New Port Richey, Land O’ Lakes, and Hudson areas, there are a huge number of boats; a boat/yacht fire suppression system inspection is an important way to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

About All Florida

Family-owned and operated, All Florida are your local fire extinguisher and fire suppression specialists. Not like some temporary operations that move in to offer outrageous promises and then disappear, we make sure that you have the service you need so that everything is where you need it when you need.

For 20 years, we’ve served our neighbors in the Pasco, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Land O’ Lakes, and Hudson areas. From residential properties to factories, rental properties to retail spaces, we’ve done it all and can help you with whatever you need.

Out-of-Town Landlords

If you own a rental property in the area and need fire extinguisher service, just give us a call at 727-525-5950. We can take care of your property and you don’t need to be there.

We will also make sure that you receive a certificate of inspection for your records. All certificates are also kept on file in our office in case there’s ever any questions that need to be answered.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Annual Service

One of the most popular services we offer at All Florida Fire Equipment Co. is our automatic annual inspection service. Let us know that you want us to and we’ll simply put you on the calendar and take care of everything, from scheduling, inspecting, billing, and sending you the certificate.

We know that you can be very busy, even if you live or work right in your building; you don’t need one more thing to keep track of.

Let All Florida Fire Equipment take care of it for you.