Fire Extinguisher Inspections For Ruskin Florida

Ruskin, Florida, has a friendly small-town feel while being conveniently located near the bustling city of Tampa. This unincorporated area is known for its agricultural roots, hosting the Ruskin Tomato Festival. This laid-back community is home to the outdoorsy and adventurous with parks, preserves, local restaurants, and a drive-in movie theater. A perfect place to open a dive shop, restaurant, or clothing store, All Florida Fire Equipment is there for you to provide the best safety equipment and services.

Fire Extinguishers

No matter the type of business, fire extinguishers are a state requirement. All Florida Fire Equipment is a one-stop-shop and can provide, install, and maintain any extinguisher. Following The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), our licensed technicians will provide annual inspections and mandatory maintenance. With over twenty years of experience and the best prices around, why look anywhere else.

A licensed technician will work with you and your schedule to assess your location and fit you with the correct extinguisher that fits your needs. The most common extinguisher, a 2A:10BC or 5-pound ABC, is inspected annually and maintenanced every six years. Keeping your extinguisher up to date is a quick and easy process. When it’s due for service, there’s no waiting around unprotected. We swap out your extinguisher for an already serviced one. Your appointment only takes minutes.

Certifications: Inspected annually, we follow NFPA standards in visually examining your extinguisher. The cylinder is checked for wear and tear, rust, and corrosion. The gauge is reviewed to ensure it has the correct pressure and the needle is within the green range. The cylinder and hose are cleared of debris, and the pull pin is secured with a tamper-proof seal. Once completed, a certification tag or sticker will be attached stating the completed date and service.

Recharge: When you use your extinguisher or when it reaches six years from the manufacturer date, a recharge will be done. Following the same steps as the annual inspection, the extinguisher will be depressurized, and an internal exam will be conducted. The chemical inside is removed, and the cylinder is checked for cracks and impairments. If it passes inspection, new chemical is added and its repressurized. A silver sticker is attached showing when maintenanced was performed. A new certification tag and tamper seal are affixed, and your extinguisher is good for another six years.

Hydrostatic Test: Regardless of when the last recharge was performed, a hydrostatic test is conducted twelve years from the manufacturer date. This test is done to ensure the cylinder can withstand the pressure inside. All Florida Fire Equipment is one of the most prominent DOT (Department of Transportation) hydrostatic testing facilities in the Tampa Bay area. Using the protocol for a recharge, if it passes inspection, the hydro test will start. Submerged in water and pressurized to a certain degree, readings will be taken to measure the strength of the cylinder. Extinguishers that passed will be dried, refilled, and repressurized. A silver sticker is attached showing it passed the hydro test and the date performed. Certification and tamper seal is affixed, and your extinguisher is ready for use.

Exit & Emergency Lights

Inspected and certified annually, exit and emergency lights are designed to light the way to safety during an emergency. Our technicians can install new equipment and service existing lights. They will check the backup battery, light bulbs, and the overall condition of the unit. Attaching a certification sticker verifying maintenance was performed.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems are designed to go off automatically when a fire has grown too large. Heat links detect the temperature of the blaze, alerting the system—no need for human intervention. All Florida Fire can install and maintain any system using top-of-the-line brands such as PyroChem, Ansul, Buckeye, Range Guard, and Amerex.

These systems aren’t just for restaurant kitchens. They are also used in food trucks, trailers, bars, paint booths, and marine vessels. All Florida Fire makes installing a new system easy and stress-free. The technician will go to your location to take measurements of your hood and cooking area. Drawings will be completed and submitted to the City of Ruskin for approval. Once a permit has been secured, we can install the system, typically done in one day. We’ll schedule an appointment with the local Fire Marshal for the final test and have you up and running in no time.

Marine Suppression System

You don’t want to be caught out on the water with an engine fire and no protection. Out in the elements, fire extinguishers and onboard marine suppression systems are essential. Automatically detecting a fire and eliminating the danger, these systems are lifesaving. With brands such as SeaFire and FireBoy, you can protect your property and everyone aboard.

Manufacturer guidelines suggest that your system be inspected semi-annually. At the same time, the Coast Guard mandates that your system be inspected annually. Our technicians will go out to you for all inspections and maintenance. We make the whole process quick and easy and at a great price.

All Florida Fire Equipment

A family-owned and operated company for almost twenty-five years, All Florida Fire Equipment is the leading name in the fire safety business. Our attention to detail and quality of work is known throughout the area. With our outstanding customer service and friendly technicians, you’ll be happy you chose to work with us.