Fire Extinguisher Brackets

As you can see from the information below, we offer a wide range of fire extinguisher brackets. Whether you are securing your fire extinguisher to the wall, vehicle, or any marine application, All Florida Fire Equipment has you covered!  

Why is it important for my fire extinguisher to be on a bracket?

  • If you have a commercial location, it’s the law for your extinguisher to be mounted. Your fire extinguisher must be visible and mounted no lower than 4 inches off the ground and no higher than 5ft from the ground.
  • If you mount the extinguisher than you will know exactly where it is! A lot of times if people just put the extinguisher in the garage or under the sink the extinguisher gets moved. If an emergency does come to fruition, then the extinguisher is nowhere to be found.
  • It’s imperative to have the extinguisher mounted with the correct bracket. If you use the incorrect bracket you risk the extinguisher falling off the bracket and accidently discharging. You are then left with a huge mess to clean up!
  • It’s especially important if you have a fire extinguisher in a vehicle to have it mounted properly. Keeping an extinguisher in the cab of your vehicle and mounted properly keeps it accessible and keeps you from worrying about the extinguisher rolling under the petal or brake.  Keeping an extinguisher in the bed of a pick-up truck or commercial vehicle can leave you worried about hitting a bump and the extinguisher flying out, causing untold damage to another vehicle and/or individual.

How do I know what kind of fire extinguisher bracket I need?

If the extinguisher is for a building you will most likely just need a normal hook, fork or slot fire extinguisher bracket. If you call All Florida Fire Equipment and give us the model number of the extinguisher we can equip you with the factory approved bracket for that fire extinguisher. Below we have provided some pictures and images of the different types of fire extinguisher brackets you may want.

Slide Extinguisher Bracket

Slide/Fork Fire Extinguisher Bracket. These types of brackets can house 5,10 and 20-Pound Fire Extinguishers


Fire Extinguisher Bracket HD

These corded heavy duty brackets are perfect for vehicle and marine applications. They will work for 5, 10, and 20-Pound Fire Extinguisher


Spring Clip Bracket - Ideal for 5 and 10 pound extinguishers

This is what we call a "Spring Clip Bracket" in the fire equipment industry. These fire extinguisher brackets are ideal for vehicles and can house 2.5 and 5-pound fire extinguishers.


Heavy Duty Vehicle/Vessel Fire Extinguisher Brackets

These heavy duty Coast Guard Approved Brackets are good for just about any size fire extinguisher. All Florida Fire Equipment recommends this bracket more than any other bracket for vehicle and marine applications.


Strap Fire Extinguisher Bracket

The strap fire extinguisher bracket is good for vehicle and some marine usage. It is good for 2.5, 5 and 10-pound fire extinguishers. (Only some models of this bracket are Coast Guard Approved) 


Hook Bracket

You see this style of bracket in most businesses. It’s just your basic wall hook fire extinguisher bracket. This type of fire extinguisher bracket can house 2.5, 5, 10 and 20-pound fire extinguishers