Fire Extinguisher Inspection

If you own and operate a business in the greater Tampa area there are some special requirements regarding inspections of your fire extinguishers that you need to stay on top of to stay in compliance with local fire codes.

If you have a business in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Largo, Sarasota, or Bradenton, All Florida Fire Equipment can take the worry out of making sure that your fire extinguishers are inspected as required.

The various requirements are laid out in a document called NFPA 10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, which is the national standard for fire protection. You’re free to buy and read all the NFPA 10 standards, or you can choose the easier route and rely on All Florida Fire Protection to take care the details for you and let us make sure that your business is always in compliance. 

A key component of NFPA 10 requires that all businesses have a fire extinguisher inspection done once a month on every fire extinguisher on the premise. Business owners can do these inspections themselves if they so choose, but many owners rely on an outside company such as All Florida Fire Protection to manage a regular inspection program. If you want to do the inspection yourself, we’re happy to show you what’s required.

Even if you elect to do your own monthly inspection, remember that the fire code requires that you have a certified fire extinguisher service technician handle the mandated annual and six-year inspections.

Below is a checklist on how to perform the monthly fire extinguisher inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Service Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Bradenton, Sarasota

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist: Is the fire extinguisher clearly visible and easily accessible?

    • Is the fire extinguisher mounted on a bracket that is no higher than 5 feet?
    • Are the fire extinguisher instructions readable?
    • Is the hose/nozzle still on the fire extinguisher?
    • Is the hose/nozzle clear of debris?
    • Is the pull pin of the fire extinguisher still inserted into the fire extinguisher with the tamper seal still intact?
    • Does the gauge still show that the extinguisher is charged? (in the green)
    • Is the fire extinguisher service company’s maintenance tag still attached?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then the fire extinguisher has passed its monthly fire extinguisher inspection. If the answer is no to any of the above questions, then give us a call and request service so we can come out to your business and quickly fix any deficiencies with your fire extinguishers to ensure that your business remains in compliance.

Many of our customers prefer the peace of mind of having All Florida Fire Protection handle both the annual service inspections and the monthly ones. If you prefer, our office will create a full-year schedule to make sure that one of our mobile teams inspects your fire extinguishers on a regular monthly cycle. That way you can rest assured that your business is in compliance with local fire codes at all times.

If you are anywhere in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Largo, Sarasota, or Bradenton areas, we are just a phone call or email away. Call us at 727-525-5950, or email us at If you prefer, fill out our easy Contact Us form, and we’ll reach out to you.

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We at All Florida Fire Equipment know that your time as a business owner is valuable. If you would like us to come out and perform your monthly fire extinguisher inspection give us a call or email now for pricing.