Fire Extinguisher Service and Inspection In North Port

Extinguishers & Suppression Service in North Port, Florida

Known for its mineral-rich springs, North Port Florida is home to outdoor adventurers. With its lush parks, residents can enjoy natural hiking paths, bike trails, bird watching, and horseback riding. This active community is expanding and so are their fire safety needs. Whether you plan on opening a new outdoor sports store, loading up the RV and going camping, or starting a food truck business, All Florida Fire Equipment is there for all your safety needs. We cover everything from Fire extinguishers, Exit & Emergency Lighting, Suppression Systems, and On-Board Marine Systems.

Our family-owned and operated company has been servicing Florida since 1999. As this beautiful state grows so does the need for fire safety and prevention. Keeping up with technological advances, All Florida Fire has the staff, knowledge, and experience to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Fire Extinguisher & Exit/Emergency Lights

Opening a business or already have an existing one? State Law requires you to have an extinguisher at your location. These extinguishers vary in use and size and our licensed technicians will be able to go straight to your business and determine what best fits your needs.

Following The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) we can service existing equipment, provide new equipment and perform the necessary maintenances needed to keep your extinguishers in proper working order. They will be inspected annually and receive maintenance every six years. In the event of an emergency and your extinguisher is dispensed, we can have it recharged and have you back in business in no time.

Annual inspections will consist of having the exterior of the cylinder examined for damage and wear and tear; the gauge checked for the proper pressure; a tamper seal attached around the pull pin to ensure that status and a certification tag or sticker attached for verification.

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Ansul fire extinguisher inspected, recharge and serviced. Ready to pass fire marshall inspection

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

When it’s due for maintenance normal protocol will occur as well as an internal examination of the cylinder. Our licensed technicians will check the inside of the cylinder, submerge the cylinder to make sure it can withstand pressure, make sure the hose is clean and clear, replace the chemical and repressurize the extinguisher. A recharge is also done when an extinguisher has been used.

No need to worry about how you’re going to have fire prevention while this process is being done, service is hassle free for our customers. When your extinguisher is due for maintenance, we’ll replace that extinguisher with a maintenanced version matching the make and model. Never leaving your business at risk.

While at your location, a technician can also certify and service any exit and emergency lights. We’ll check the batteries and light bulbs, replacing them if needed. We can install or place a whole unit if need be.

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Mobile Fire Extinguisher Recharging available in Sarasota and Northport

Fire Suppression System

Having a kitchen fire is a very serious and scary moment that everyone tries to prevent but can still occur. Having an automatic fire suppression system can save lives and your property.

With different components to a kitchen, having a Class K handheld extinguisher as well as a fire suppression system is essential. Your system will be inspected semiannually with the maintenance done in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our company is known for fire protection services all around Florida. Our licensed professionals can service all the top brands, such as Ansul, Range Guard, Protex, and more, From installation to inspections. For new installation, a technician will go to your location to take measurements for your drawing. Submit the plans to the City of North Port to obtain a permit, and schedule the final test with the local Fire Marshal.

Fire suppression systems aren’t just for the kitchen. They are used in bars, food trucks and trailers, paint booths and marine vessels. Our technicians will evaluate what make and model is best suited to protect you and your property.

The last thing you want for marine vessels is to have a fire engulf your boat while in the middle of open waters. Systems such as Seafire and Fireboy are used for such fires. Being one of the few companies that service marine systems, our expertise and experience surpass the competition. Being well known at marinas for our service, we can go right to your boat and complete the service right then and there.

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A diagram of a fire suppression system in a kitchen

Why Choose All Florida Fire Equipment?

We know time and money are important to all our customers, which is why we have the best pricing, the best service and reputation, and the best availability to suit your needs. We stand behind our quality of work and the products we use. But don’t just take our word for it; look what these valued customers had to say…

“All Florida Fire maintains our fire extinguishers on site. The continued support we have received can not be faulted. The commitment and efficiency received from their technicians were flawless.”

-Lindsay S.

“We experienced some troubles with our suppression system last night and Dave came right out to the site with me to fix it. He is amazing! Please convey my gratitude; he is a true professional!”

-Luciano C.