Town ‘n’ Country – Fire Protection Service

All Florida Fire is the undisputed leader in fire prevention equipment and services in Florida. We’re a family owned and operated business and we’ve been serving the Town ‘n’ Country community for over 25 years. If you’re looking for superior fire protection—All Florida Fire is here for you!

The Necessary Services for Town ‘n’ Country, FL

Whether you own a home, boat, or business in the Town ‘n’ Country community, there are a few must-have services that will provide superior protection for you against the threat of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Services in Town ‘n’ Country

Your fire extinguisher is the most important tool in fighting fires, maybe second to the smoke detector. It’s important to keep this crucial tool in working order and up to code. It’s a tricky process, but All Florida Fire is up to the task.

There are several different levels of codes for your fire extinguisher, from the National Fire Extinguisher Code, called the NFPA10, to the Florida state codes, even the Town ‘n’ Country community has their own set of specific safety regulations.

Every All Florida Fire technician is certified in NFPA 10, and well versed in Florida and Town ‘n’ Country fire prevention regulations.

All Florida Fire recommends an annual inspection of your town ‘n’ Country fire extinguisher on top of the mandatory 6-year maintenance cycle that includes full servicing, recharging, and the changing out of internal parts as needed.

Town ‘n’ Country Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Part of the NFPA 10 regulated 6-year maintenance cycle is a full recharge of your fire extinguisher.

Abridged Fire Extinguisher Recharge Procedure:

  • We completely empty and depressurize the extinguisher
  • Then we clean it inside and out and make sure the instructions on the outside are clear and legible.
  • We double check it and make sure that if there are any parts that are damaged or broken that they get replaced inside and out.
  • We refill it with a dry chemical recovery unit (the same type we empty it into) based on the weight and specifications of the fire extinguisher we’re recharging.
  • We reconnect everything and perform a quick test to ensure that everything is working as it’s supposed to.

Mobile Fire Extinguisher Service Vans for Town ‘n’ Country

If bringing your fire extinguisher to our convenient location is proving to be a barrier between your fire extinguisher and a good fire extinguisher service, call on us to bring our Mobile Fire Extinguisher Service Van to you. It’s a convenient service van that will bring the services right to you.

Fire Suppression Systems in Town ‘n’ Country

For every business and professional kitchen in Town ‘n’ Country there needs to be a properly installed Fire Suppression System.

A fire suppression system is designed to prevent, control, and extinguish small fires before they become a major problem. A fire suppression system can prevent a small fire from becoming a big one, and make any potential damage done negligible.

Supported Systems:

  • Ansul R-102 UL-300 Restaurant Fire Suppression System (Ansul Fire System)
  • Amerex Hood Fire Suppression Systems (KP,ZD,IS)
  • Buckeye Kitchen Mister UL300 Hood Fire System
  • Kidde WHDR UL300 Kitchen Hood Suppression System
  • Range Guard Commercial Fire Suppression System
  • Guardian Residential Fire Suppression System
  • Pem All Fire Suppression System
  • Protex Fire Suppression Systems
  • PyroChem Suppression Systems (PCL)
  • Fireboy (marine engine room system)
  • Seafire (boat fire system)

Community Driven, Community Values

We are not only your business partner; we are also your neighbor. We are a family owned and operated business with deep roots in the Town ‘n’ Country community.

We bring top of the line modern technology with an old fashioned work ethic and values of doing a quality job at a fair price. Whether we’re doing a Fire Extinguisher Service, installing your emergency lighting system, or installing the latest in fire suppression systems for your boat or kitchen, you will always have our commitment that no job is finished until you are safe and happy, that’s our Pinellas Park promise!


To see your Town ‘n’ Country, kitchen, or boat become a safer place today give us a call at 813-228-8283, email us at, or fill out our easy Contact Us form, and we’ll reach out to you.