Fire Extinguisher Service St. Petersburg

There is only one company for fire equipment inspection, installation, and maintenance in St. Petersburg, Florida, THE hometown team: All Florida Fire Equipment Co.

From our offices at 3200 62nd Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, we provide customer service to all of the cities in the Tampa/St. Pete area. We’re the area’s leading family-owned and -operated fire equipment firm.

The services we offer:

Everything we do at All Florida is designed to keep our neighbors safe. That’s how it’s been since 1999 and how it will be for decades to come.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Every year, you’re required to have the fire extinguishers in your commercial properties inspected and maintained. The fire marshal will for a new, up-to-date inspection tag on every extinguisher. The fines can be hefty if that’s not there. More than that, a fire extinguisher inspection ensures that your extinguishers are ready to operate well if there’s a fire.

Each year, thousands of fires in Florida and around the country are stopped by a simple fire extinguisher. To us, it’s more than just something that has to be done; it’s a matter for taking care of people and keeping them safe.

An inspection can be scheduled one at a time or you can have All Florida return each year and do the inspection.

  • Our tech will arrive and make sure that the path to every extinguisher is clear of obstacles and that they can be seen easily.
  • They will look for evidence of vandalism and tampering.
  • The hose is inspected for cuts or dry rot cracks.
  • The pin should be in place and not show any evidence of having been pulled.
  • The extinguisher needs to be fully charged.
  • An inspection tag will be hung on the extinguisher.
  • You will get a certificate that the inspection was done.
  • That certificate is also at our offices in case you misplace yours.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Most fire extinguishers don’t need a lot of maintenance. Stored pressure extinguishers need to be maintained every six years. At that time, the internal parts will need to be replaced to make sure that the device is in top condition.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Kitchen Fire System

The fire system in your commercial kitchen is the single most important piece of equipment you own. That system can keep a fire from wiping out your business in less than 30 minutes.

Fire suppression system inspections, also required every year, are an important part of making sure that your business is protected. It’s also important for your business insurance. Without an inspection, your insurance company might be able to deny or delay your claim if you didn’t have a fire system inspection in the last year.

Fire Suppression System

Ansul Fire System Inspection

Ansul is the leading fire suppression system company in the foodservice industry. Their system is unique and requires an experienced hand to make certain that they are working well.

We’ve been working on Ansul system or decades and we can make sure that the important and expensive system u purchased is ready to go when it’s needed.

Kitchen Fire System Ansul Pyro Chem


Boat/Yacht Fire Systems

You love your boat or yacht. It’s your floating home away from home. One of the most terrifying things that can happen at sea is a fire. There’s nowhere to go and no help available in most cases.

Our team will look at your fire system and make sure that it’s ready to keep your investment and your passengers safe from the ravages of fire.

If you need it, we can install a system, add fire extinguishers, and more to protect your boat.

Hydrostatic Scuba Tank Tasting

When a scuba tank is manufactured, the testing pressure is stamped on the side of it. Every five years, you need to retest that tank to make sure it can handle the pressure of the gases inside.

All Florida has the equipment and expertise to do the hydrostatic testing of your scuba tank to make sure you’re safe and that your tank won’t rupture at the wrong moment.


Walk-in Extinguisher Maintenance

Here in St. Petersburg, you can simply bring your extinguisher into us. We can do everything that’s needed for you:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Extinguisher maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher recharge

No appointment is required. Simply walk-in to our office at 3200 62nd Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702. Feel Free to call us at 727-525-5950.

Why Choose All Florida Fire Equipment?

We’re your hometown fire equipment company. Family-owned and operated right here in St. Petersburg, we have been in the area since 1999.

In that time, we’ve worked for thousands of families, businesses, and building owners. We work hard to protect Floridians and make sure that you have everything you need to make sure everyone and everything you care about is safe from the ravages of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Service St. Petersburg

Fire Extinguisher Service St. Petersburg