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  • March 22, 2017
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All Florida Fire Equipment Company believes firmly in bringing a thorough brand of safety and quality to its customers. Part of being thorough is covering all areas of service. All Florida Fire Equipment covers service dually, geographically and industrially. By servicing Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Lakeland, Sarasota and Clearwater, All Florida is virtually everywhere. All Florida can also be found on the water in the form of our service and installation of Seafire and Fireboy boat suppression systems. In addition, All Florida also has these products in the most variations. All Florida Fire offers many applications of the Seafire and Fireboy systems. A few of the Fireboy pre-engineered systems offered are the Fireboy MA2-025-227, Fireboy MA2-175-227 and Fireboy MA2-500-227 systems. All Florida also has but is not limited to Seafire systems like the Seafire FG100A, Seafire FG225A and Seafire FG75M. The what, where and why on Fireboy and Seafire boat suppression systems will be the highlight here.

What do I need a Seafire or Fireboy boat fire systems for?

A Seafire or Fireboy system is for protection against fires that have a fuel source likely to be liquid gas or other combustible liquids. Also Fireboy and Seafire both have models that boast manual and automatic operation. Seafire and Fireboy systems are for manned or un-manned areas of potential hazard.

Where do I need Fireboy or Seafire boat fire systems?

Put a Seafire or Fireboy system in the engine room of your boat to protect yourself as well as your investment. It may be stipulated that a portable dry chemical fire extinguisher is sufficient for safety of all calibers; it is not. Seafire and Fireboy systems use heptafluoropropane (FM-200) which is a clean agent that will not damage equipment the way that dry chemical extinguishing agents will.

Why do I want to choose Seafire or Fireboy for a boat fire system?

Seafire offers many choices in pre-engineered boat systems. With easy service from All Florida Fire Equipment, installation and safety is second nature. Fireboy systems are equally vast in options in comparison to Seafire. Between the two, hazards of all measures are covered. Fireboy Systems are available to protect engine rooms and machinery spaces from as small as 25 cubic feet to as large as 3000 cubic feet. Seafire models available are 32 standard sizes, approved in sizes from 150 cubic feet (4.2 cubic meters) up to 1500 cubic feet (42.5 cubic meters) of engine compartment volume.

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