Fire Extinguisher Service in Lutz

“Man, this area is really growing,” says John Ritter in the song Beautiful Downtown Lutz. And it has within one year; there was a 3.63% population increase. That means more restaurants, small businesses, and events. All of which need fire safety equipment. All Florida Fire Equipment has served this community for almost twenty-five years. Offering extinguishers, suppression systems, and more.

Fire Extinguishers

If you decide to set up shop here in Lutz, you’ll need a handheld fire extinguisher for your business. All Florida Fire can provide and maintain any extinguisher. Following The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), our licensed technicians will inspect and service your extinguisher. Inspections are done annually, and maintenance is done every six years.

Annual Inspection– We start with the visual inspection. Checking for wear and tear that might compromise the cylinder. Dirt and debris are cleared away, and the hose is checked for blockage. The gauge is reviewed to ensure it has the correct pressure and the needle is within the green range. A new tamper-proof seal is secured around the pull pin to keep it in place. A certification sticker or hanging tag is attached, stating the date and service performed.

Recharge– A recharge is done when you use your extinguisher or it has been six years from the manufacturer’s date. In addition to the annual inspection, an internal examination is performed. It’s depressurized, and the contents are removed. We visually inspect the internal cylinder for cracks and corrosion. If it passes inspection, the extinguisher is refilled and pressurized. A new tamper-proof seal and certification are attached, along with a silver sticker showing the maintenance performed.

Hydrostatic Test– Regardless of when the last recharge was performed, a hydrostatic test is conducted twelve years from the manufacturer date. The hydrostatic testing will begin if a cylinder passes the initial inspection and recharge protocols. Once the cylinder is empty, it is submerged and pressurized, and measured to a certain degree. This is done to ensure the cylinder can withstand the pressure inside for proper use. A standard procedure will follow with attaching the tamper-proof seal, certification tag, or sticker and securing the silver maintenance sticker.

While these services sound time-consuming, our customers don’t have to wait and be without their extinguishers. When it’s due for service, we’ll swap it out for the same make and model that has already been serviced.

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Fire Suppression System

Following NFPA Standards, All Florida Fire Equipment is licensed to install and maintain a fire suppression system. We start with your free estimate and take measurements of your hood vent. Drawings are made and submitted to the City of Lutz to secure a permit. Work will begin and is typically completed in one day. Once completed, we’ll schedule the Fire Marshal to come out for the final test.

Systems are inspected semiannually, and our technicians will contact you for scheduling. We use top-of-the-line brands such as PyroChem, Buckeye, Ansul, and Amerex to keep your system up to date. Having your system regularly inspected keeps your automatic system functioning correctly and able to sniff out any blaze.

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Paint Booth Suppression System

Suppression systems aren’t just for the kitchen; they can also be used in paint booths. With combustible materials used in a paint booth, it is imperative to have a functioning system. Following NFPA Standards and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) Regulations, we can install and maintain this technical system. Like other systems, it will be inspected semiannually and replace components as required.

Marine Suppression Systems

Yes, All Florida Fire can also inspect the system on your vessel. Being out on the water without handheld extinguishers and a fire suppression system can be dangerous. We use reliable brands like SeaFire and FireBoy to keep you and your boat protected. Installing, maintaining, and replacing system bottles as needed. Manufacturer guidelines suggest that your system be inspected semiannually. At the same time, the Coast Guard mandates that your system be inspected annually. The technician will go to your home or marina to conduct the service right on the spot. A system report is also provided for your records and insurance purposes.


Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lights are designed to guide people to safety. Even with a power outage, they are equipped with a backup battery. They should be inspected annually to ensure they are in working order. Our technicians can install new units and service existing lights. Technicians check the unit’s light bulbs, backup batteries, and overall condition.

Becoming an All Florida Fire Equipment Customer

With our outstanding customer service and quality of work, you’ll be glad you came to us for your fire safety needs. There’s never a contract for becoming a customer and having services provided. This family-owned and operated company has served the Lutz community for over twenty-five years, and our reputation speaks for itself. Friendly and reliable, our team is here to help you with all of your fire equipment.