Fireboy–Xintex Vessel Fire Suppression Systems

  • June 23, 2021
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Fireboy–Xintex Vessel Fire Suppression Systems

Those in need of a new vessel fire suppression system can call on Fireboy-Xintex for their safety needs. I know, you’re thinking why am I worried about a fire when I’m surrounded by water? Well, if you have an engine compartment on your boat – a little attention to detail upfront and annual maintenance of your vessel will help you sail smoothly into the sunset.

The United States Coast Guard (or USCG) requires all vessels (boat, yachts, workboats, etc.…) with an engine compartment to have a boat fire suppression system. These systems are also known as vessel fire suppression systems, marine fire suppression systems, clean agent systems or even fixed fire systems. Much like fire extinguishers, they are installed for your safety and hopefully you’ll never need to use them.

Marine fire suppression systems are different than the fire extinguishers required by the USCG. The USCG requires a B class fire extinguisher(s) dependent upon the size of the vessel. These are fire extinguishers designed to put out small oil or gas fires. Smart owners or captains will elect to purchase an ABC class fire extinguisher instead – they can also extinguish normal material and electrical fires – for the same price. However, these extinguishers do not have the capacity to suppress an engine fire. This is where vessel fire suppression systems come into play.

Fireboy-Xintex offers fixed vessel fire suppression systems and equipment in the following categories: recreational, commercial, and IMO-Solas approved (Safety of Life at Sea). Each of these systems uses a clean agent inside of a cylinder to suppress the fire. This means a stored gas that will smother the fire without leaving powdery or watery residue that might damage the engine and be difficult to clean. These fixed fire suppression systems have sensors that activate at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The systems then discharge in 10 seconds to extinguish an engine compartment fire.

Here is an overview of the different series of marine fire suppression systems offered by Fireboy-Xintex:

The CG Series or “Automatic Discharge Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Series” is best for recreational boats. It is fully automatic and protects engine compartment from 25 cubic feet to 1,000 cubic feet. This marine fire suppression system includes the mounting bracket and a 2-inch helm display. This system is the perfect approach for most boats or even some yachts.

The MA Series or “Manual/Automatic Discharge Fixed Clean Agent series” offers the same safety features as the CG Series and a bit more. These yacht fire suppression systems offer up to 1,800 cubic feet of protection for engine compartments. In addition, they can be made manual. This would also alert the captain or crew to activate the system prior to a fire reaching 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, systems of this type may have add-ons, if they are diesel or have blowers or exhaust fans in the engine room. The MA series offers an interlocking lever for safety when removing or installing cable to make installation and maintenance safer and easier on the boat owner.

Finally, the GA Series or “Large Capacity A/M Fire Extinguisher Series” offers protection for engine compartments measuring 600 to 4,000 cubic feet. It also offers manual capacity. This type of system would most likely be using on larger yachts. It has pre-established hook ups with quick connect valves to allow individual customization. Instead of one cylinder of clean agent, this system can accommodate two. It also offers additional temperature sensors that allow one over each engine and one on top of each cylinder for enhanced protection.

All three types of these pre-engineered systems use HFC-227ea or Novec 3M 1230 as the extinguishing agent. In some cases, a different vessel fire suppression system known as “engineered” is required for vessel safety. Fireboy-Xintex recommends that your call them directly to receive a quote and to build to your specifications. This is not for most marine vessels.

So, how can you determine your needs? My personal suggestion is to call Fireboy-Xintex if you have a large yacht for the GA series. However, you could also check the company’s website ( and use the following guidelines:

Fireboy Xintex Series Chart

  1. Measure your engine compartment in volume (length, width, height). Do not detract the volume of other objects in the room.
  2. Use these measurements to select an appropriate system from Fire Boy’s size chart. You can choose from HFC-227ea or Novec 3M 1230. When in doubt, size up.
  3. Determine how much cable you will need to reach the helm. *If you have diesel, add an engine shut down system.

By now, you’ve realized the possibility of add-ons to meet your vessel’s fire suppression needs. Fireboy-Xintex offers many accessories, including:

Second Helm Station Display – alerting you to the system’s needs at a second location.

Deluxe Discharge Alarm – monitors your system’s activity and provide a display to alert you if your system has discharged while you were not onboard or nearby.

Replacement Helm Display – Did you display get damaged of have you made changes or repairs? You can replace the original.

Panel Warning Light – Has your system discharged in your absence? It is good to know before you partake in your next excursion. The system will need to be recharged and certified in order to keep your vessel operating safely and in compliance with the USCG.

Discharge Cable Kits – In systems that offer a manual option, these cables connect to the helm (or wherever you choose to install the level) and allow you to manually activate the system.

Dual Release Adapter – If you’ve used the cable for a manual discharge option, you’ll need the dual release to activate the system manually. Don’t buy one without the other!

Cable Angle Adapters – Honestly, I’m super sure of the point of these. Fireboy-Zintex specifically states that the cables should be installed at a 90-degree angle. These adapters allow for about a 45-degree angle. I imagine if you didn’t like the look of the cable or realistically the space does not allow for a right angle, these will help you out.

You’re fully informed about Fireboy-Xintex marine fire suppression systems and their products. If you still have questions, give us a call. If you already have a vessel fire suppression system that needs attention. Meaning you’ve purchased a new to you boat, or you haven’t had your existing engine room serviced in a bit – give All Florida Fire a call. We have access to Fireboy-Xintex products. Our skilled technicians can inspect, certify, maintenance, repair, recharge, and install these pre-engineered systems. We can meet your fire safety needs, as well as have your system U.S. Coast Guard approved in no time. Call one of our associates and we can answer your questions today.


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