Oval Fire Extinguishers are Changing the Face of Fire Suppression

  • December 21, 2017
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Everyone is familiar with the classic shape of a fire extinguisher. There’s probably one mounted in your office, or tucked under your sink in case of emergency — that bright red cylinder is one of the most recognizable tools we own.

The Oval fire extinguisher is proving that tried-tested-and-true can still be improved upon. Instead of a bulky cylinder, Oval has designed a slimmed-down version for easier handling and storage, while offering the same kind of protection as its classic kin.

There proves to be a number of benefits including ease of access, and increased safety, especially for individuals with disabilities.

Here’s what you need to know about Oval, and what they might mean for your fire suppression technology:

Why are Oval Fire Extinguishers Shaped Differently?

Fire extinguishers have remained cylindrical for decades for a variety of reasons. It’s a sturdy shape for containing pressurized gases, it’s easy enough to store, and its convenient to handle when the time comes.

That said, it’s far from perfect. A lot of fire extinguishers are wall-mounted, and the thickness of the container can protrude from the wall, offering an obstacle to passerbys.

While this might seem a mere annoyance, it’s actually quite dangerous. Fire extinguishers are heavy, and a dislodged one can cause serious injury. This is particularly true for disabled people, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifically requests fire extinguishers be kept in recessed cabinets to limit protrusion.

Oval fire extinguishers are designed with this in mind and are thin enough to mount on a wall, without sticking out far enough to violate ADA code. This makes them desirable options for businesses that don’t want the extra cost of installing recessed spaces for their fire extinguisher.

An added bonus means the Oval is more visible and accessible in the event of an emergency. An employee might forget where the fire extinguisher is stored, but if it’s wall-mounted it will be top of mind in the event of a fire.

Other Features

All models of the Oval fire extinguisher are dry-powder based, and designed to combat class A,B and C fires.

Oval also offers wall brackets to mount their extinguishers, facilitating their unique design to quickly take its place.


Fire extinguishers have remained remarkably unchanged in design over the years. It makes sense — they work well, and have been proven effective at combating unwanted blazes. But as new laws (such as the ADA) are implemented, new solutions need to be found.

The Oval extinguisher is changing the way we look at (and store) fire extinguishers. Its slim design makes wall-mounting a safe possibility and increases its visibility for easier access in the event of an emergency.

With all of the features you’ve come to expect from a fire suppression device and an improved design, Oval is definitely a brand to keep your eye on.


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