Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

  • April 19, 2021
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Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

If you’ve landed here you must need a fire extinguisher or have a specific desire to learn more about water mist fire extinguishers. Welcome. We are pleased to be able to educate you about this relatively new technology.

Water mist fire extinguishers are a newer type of extinguisher that has many advantages for homes and office buildings. Unlike the common mono ammonium phosphate or ABC extinguisher, water mist extinguishers use only deionized or distilled water. They have a special nozzle attached the hose that distributes the water in a fine mist. These microscopic particles of water cool the air around the fire and expand as they near the fire to suppress it.

Who might need to use them? Anyone near a fire might grab one of these extinguishers. They are available in portable and wheeled units. The user would follow basic fire extinguisher protocol. This is generally illustrated on the front of the extinguisher and should be read upon installation. If used in a commercial building, the owner of the business should instruct staff upon the use of these types of extinguishers. The user simply removes the tamper seal and the pull pin from the top of the extinguisher. Next, the user aims the hose and squeezes the level to release the water. While the water is expelled, the user aims the spray at the base of the fire. Be sure to stand back from a safe distance while extinguishing a fire and to evacuate if the fire becomes large or unruly. Clearly, call the fire department immediately in the second situation!

Though these extinguishers are relatively new technology, you will not see them in most establishments. Most homes or places of business use ABC fire extinguishers, or a generic dry chemical, stored-pressure extinguishers. These types of fire extinguishers are able to be used on three types of fire, Class A, B, and C. Hence the name. This means that ABC extinguishers are rated effective on regular trash, wood, paper, oils, fats, and electrical fires. In comparison, water-type extinguishers are generally only used on Class A fires or trash, paper, and wood. If water was added to a grease fire it would create an explosion. If it were added to an electrical fire it could cause the user to be electrocuted.

So why would a person want a water mist fire extinguisher? There are several reasons. First and foremost, there are some situations where one simply needs a water-type extinguisher. If a person or business has a pool or pool room, they cannot use an ABC extinguisher. Pools are generally chlorinated. When chlorine and ammonia interact, the results are catastrophic. Think explosion or toxic gas poisoning. Any other situations or areas that routinely use oxidizers, such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach, should invest in a water-type extinguisher.

Another reason a water mist fire extinguisher would be used is to preserve delicate equipment or property. If you have expensive paintings or furnishings in your home. When ABC fire extinguishers are discharged, they leave a dusty mess on the surrounding surfaces that is difficult to clean. Regular water-type fire extinguishers have a similar problem. They soak surfaces with excess water to suppress the fire. Many businesses with delicate areas, such as a server room, might choose to use a water mist extinguisher. Because of the size of the particles of water and the way they cool the air and expand to suppress the fire they make a better choice in certain situations. Most recently, water mist type extinguishers have been used in outer space, as they dispel less suppressant in a gravity-free environment.

Do you feel you might need a water mist fire extinguisher for your business or home?


Water mist fire extinguishers are good for:

-use on delicate equipment

-use in areas with oxidizers, such as chlorine, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide

-use in cleanrooms

-use on areas that need to stay dry/clean

Water mist fire extinguishers are not good for:

-use on oil or grease

-use on combustible metals

-use on kitchen fires

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