Red Line Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL Redline Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL Redline fire extinguishers are the toughest fire extinguisher available on the market. They are designed for extremely hazardous conditions and provide stellar performance with their additional features. What comes standard on the ANSUL Redline portable fire extinguisher?

-Ergonomically designed handle for carrying

-Four sizes (5, 10, 20, 30)

-choice of dry extinguishing agents

-12-year limited warranty

These are all good features, but who needs this type of extinguisher? Business owners or operators in fields of extra hazard fire occupancy. This means people who run a business in the petrol, oil-petrol, mining, aviation, chemical and power generating fields. These industries have the highest risk of having the hottest, largest fires. The examples from include businesses that, “fuel loading racks, heavy construction sites, dip tanks, oil pumping stations, mining equipment, paint lockers, trucks and buses, fuel storage rooms, production lines, and others.” If your business has lots of flammable or combustible liquids these extinguishers were designed for you.

What are they used for? ANSUL Redline extinguishers meet the requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association, manual 10 – portable fire extinguishers. The different choices of extinguishing agent allow them to work for different types of fires. The different types of fires are Class A, B, C, D, and K. So, which do you need for your business? Class A fires are for ordinary combustible materials. Maybe your production line houses thousands of cardboard boxes. These are considered a Class A fire hazard. If your fires are different or specialized, you will still need at least one extinguisher classified for this type of fire. Class B fires relate to oils and fats. They are called flammable or combustible liquids. If your business works with paints, gas, or petrol you will need Class B fire protection. Class C covers electrical fires. Any equipment run by electricity causes a special threat, it could even include large server rooms or airplane cockpits. Class D is for metal fires. These are a bit specialized, like a lithium fire. But for those who work in the energy production field they can be deadly if the wrong fire extinguishers are used. Finally, Class K fires refer to kitchen fires – or fires that would happen in cooking appliances and/or with flammable or combustible liquids (in the appliance). It seems silly; but knowing which type of fire you are mostly likely to have saves you time and damage. Using the wrong extinguisher on a fire can range from fine to a disastrous explosion. When in doubt, call you local fire equipment dealer to determine your fire safety needs. This will save you time, hassle, and help you pass your fire marshal and insurance inspections.

When would a business owner want to purchase these extinguishers? I am so glad you asked. I have read and reread the ANSUL website description of the extinguishers and from a novice perspective I still could not figure it out. So, I asked one of our resident experts – a fire extinguisher shop technician. They work with multiple brands, types, and classes of extinguisher. Here is what I learned: cartridge-operated means safer. These fire extinguishers store the pressure in a tiny cylinder on the side of the carbon steel shell. The tiny, yet powerful cartridge has a protective covering and keeps the other elements of the extinguisher – shell, valve, and valve stems free from the damaging elements of pressure and dry chemical. Then the user needs to discharge the extinguisher they simply activate the cartridge, point, and sweep. These extinguishers are built tougher during the manufacturer process. They use stronger materials to make the steel shells and exterior finishes. They are also designed to be easy to carry and easy to operate. Now that I have your attention…

Where can I buy one? ANSUL limits the number of distributors they have for any given region. This makes it difficult to obtain specific products, especially if the distributor is out of stock. All Florida Fire Equipment Company – a locally, family-owned business in the Tampa Bay area can meet your ANSUL Redline needs. Give them a call to assess your fire protection needs, additional features, and quantity of extinguishers. They can order if not in stock. Not in the greater Tampa Bay area? We can drop ship directly to you! Give us a call at (727) 525-5950 or email us at

Why choose an ANSUL Redline instead of a standard fire extinguisher, or even an ANSUL Sentry? Maybe you work or live in a corrosive environment. ANSUL Redline has a 12-year limited warranty that your extinguisher will not rust or corrode. Standard fire extinguishers will experience corrosion in these environments and need to be replaced more frequently. This costs you more money. You can opt for the Corrosion Resistant model. On top of the carbon steel shell and polyester paint, another layer of protection is applied. A continuous dry film in applied, the metal outer pieces are coated with black anodized paint, and the steel shell is primed with a 90% zinc primer. Perhaps you work in extremely cold conditions. Most extinguishers are not manufacturer to hold below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The Low-Temperature models are functional down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maybe you need them, maybe you don’t. If your working conditions match the above, give your local fire equipment company a call to determine if the ANSUL Redline cartridge-operated extinguishers are right for you. If you can’t find a distributor or need drop shipping, call All Florida Fire. We’ve been serving the needs of the greater Tampa Bay area since 1999.



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